[Android/iOS] Showing option to activate replacement card... although I haven't ordered one

Wow, so you’re looking at 24 hours+ without a reply? I didn’t mark this as urgent (as it’s not), but that’s unacceptable.


Yep! Same like you I didn’t mark it urgent but it shouldn’t take ‘days’ to at least acknowledge.


They’ve said they were altering how you can reorder a card yourself. I think it was in an email recently. I imagine this is just a bug.

Right now, if you want to replace your card, you have to freeze it first. Sounds simple enough, but that journey doesn’t make sense to everyone. What if you hadn’t lost your card, but it wasn’t working properly or your dog had eaten it instead?! You’d still need a new card, but you wouldn’t necessarily need to freeze it first.

So, we’ve created a new screen where you can manage everything to do with your debit card, like ordering a replacement, tracking its status and activating it once it arrives. You can also do other things, like see your card limits and manage your mobile wallet.

Making a separate screen has allowed us to make the settings screen neater, and make it easier for you to use and to find what you need. We’ll be bringing this update to the apps in the next few weeks, and you’ll be able to find it by tapping ‘manage’ in the Account tab in your app.

If they had sent you a new card they would have informed you.

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That makes sense. I can only assume the backend systems have been updated and the apps don’t know how to deal with this new state.

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I’m really sorry you’ve not received a reply yet.

We have a massive demand for support at the moment and we are working to get this back within a reasonable time frame. This is a combination of hiring, overtime and other members of staff helping us on intercom.

We are working on better card management, so this looks like a bug while we’re working on that. It’ll be with you :soon:.


@BethS I don’t doubt that all your COps are working hard and Monzo is really trying to get more people on-board so they can bring Support times down but like your answer above similar sort of responses have been given by Monzo staff whenever someone complained about support response times. Not a good impression at all if you want still not fully convinced people like me to start using Monzo as the main account again.

My wife had this Card replacement message on her app and she actually stopped using the card because she thought her card has been compromised and Monzo is in process of sending a new card.

Lack of response within a reasonable timeframe is more important than friendly customer service sometime.

Completely agree. To honest, my experience here has left me a little unsure if switching to Monzo was the right idea. It’s not the bug itself that’s the problem (these things happen), it’s the lack of support. My big boring legacy bank might not have emojis and GIFs but at least they respond in a few minutes…

On a more positive note, the “my replacement card has arrived” prompt has disappeared from my personal account :smile:, but is still present on the joint account :slightly_frowning_face:

This is what I had from COps


And this is what another Monzo person said on Slack :man_facepalming:



Unfortunately some bugs get fixed quicker than Cops know, and this happens so that we see less inbound!

The replacement card will change to ‘manage card’ when it’s finished.


Thanks for the update @BethS, really appreciate you taking the time to respond on here :slight_smile:

Hi @BethS,

Sorry, bit confused. I’m still seeing it on my personal account but not my joint account. I’m not expecting a new card, so should I worry?

Please don’t worry, I’ll let the team know it’s affecting the joint account as well!

I think it’s right on my joint account… It isn’t saying “my replacement card has arrived” but it does on my personal account

Does it have an expected arrival date of in the past? :see_no_evil:

No date, but I wasn’t expecting a new card

I haven’t dared press it :rofl:

Do you mind DMing me your email and I can see if there’s one pending?

(I took 9 months to activate a card so saw that message for 9months)

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This shows for me now since I updated to the latest Android version. Underneath that option is ‘Manage Card’ which has the same menu option within it too.

However underneath my joint account it doesn’t show at all.

Pressing it just prompts you to enter your long card number.

After updating the Android app I’m still seeing the following on my joint account (but not personal). Joint account is new and shiny, so I’ve never requested a replacement card.


Can you let me know which version it is you just updated to?

I’ve got the opposite, I can see the replacement card text on my personal account but not joint. Android 2.16