Is your question urgent pop up is really annoying


I know the way intercom chat is integrated is acknowledged as not being amazing but it’s like you guys are out to make it worse.

The current popup in the screen shot below is very frustrating. I don’t know if clicking either does something on the back end but from a user point of view I’m just taken to the same list of chats screen. What’s worse is you’re asked this every time you click on chat, which is down right confusing if you already have an ongoing chat.

I generally get quick and helpful support so this isn’t a knock on the quality of support. Given you want us to chat and not call though you really need to make this better and not worse.



Maybe this screen should pop up when you hit the ‘compose’ button instead (the picture of the pencil).


Really? I think it is great. Not every interaction has the same priority, and normally you can’t make a judgement call on that until triage. I think allow customers to self-select is wonderful. I’m considering doing something similar in our self-service ticketing at work…

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Glad I don’t work with you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Na joking aside I get it, but because the end result for both is the same UX it’s confusing. That and I just pressed the button 5 mins ago and you’re asking me this when I click on a notification responding to the chat is stupid.

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LOL, but see, you’ve made me think twice - I always do try to listen to my users! I thought they’d all love it, now I’m wondering.

I agree, it should only be when composing a new message, not when responding to one. At that point, the incident priority should have already been determined.

Can you think of a nicer way to implement something like this that you’d like better?

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I think @rusty nailed it on the head. Just shift it to compose time when you click on the pencil. Then flag the chat as an ‘urgent’ chat. So you know the difference.


Ah, perfect, that’s where I’d be putting it anyway at my work :slight_smile: we don’t have a chat, it’s just a ticket system with a submission form.

I wonder if Monzo is worried people would miss it there… the pop-up does make sure you answer and helps you to actually read the question.

It can still pop up, just map it to that button click and not the one that takes you to the intercom chat.

Ticket system we’ve developed at work uses priority. Urgent and non urgent probably isn’t enough so we go 0-5

0 within 2 hours
1 within the day
2 end of week
3 end of sprint
4 backlog
5 business management tasks


It definitely does prioritise it on the intercom end, but maybe moving it to compose is a better idea :ok_hand: @hugo?


Similar, but I’d only let users have two choices. ‘Urgent’ for P3 and ‘non-urgent’ for P4 (our P4 is seven business days and our P3 is two business days; but my team constantly beat those targets - usually P3 gets handled within a few hours and P4 within a day or two).

Our ticketing system dicates on whats urgent and what’s not by what the user selects in the ticket. Personally I would consider P1 & P2 as urgent. P1 would be affecting more then one and stopping them from working. Same for a Monzo support ticket. If you can’t spend your money, that would be of top priority.
But as you also work in a ticket based system, you know that ALL tickets logged by users are urgent :joy: . I would say the same for Monzo.

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Surprisingly, not the case for Monzo users.


Possibly not now, as a lot (just a guess) of us know the limitations (i.e the 9-5 support in the early CA) but as more and more people sign up, their needs may be more urgent. For instance, with a legacy bank you can call anytime and get an answer. Unfortunately there is a lot of serial callers that will complain and ask about anything.

Yes, that’s what’s made me hesitate… I have users literally put URGENT for the subject, and statistically, they’re probably no more or less likely to actually be urgent. That said, I think if the question is actually asked, most of my users are going to think about it and give a reasonable answer. Also, even if someone puts URGENT for the subject and, to me, it’s not - I have to remember that in their eyes, it is and do my best to treat it as such. Especially if it’s a student who is worried. Even if I know it’ll all work out, I need to be able to reassure them of that. Thus, that part of the interaction is urgent.

I’ve thought of having it based on what someone selects, but that’s hard given I handle a wide variety of needs so a lot of the most urgent issues are also really obscure.

The reason I said I’d call a P3 urgent is that the underlying ticket system is shared across the whole university. P1 are things affecting the whole university or multiple departments. As none of the systems I run are depended on outside my department, it’s literally impossible for me to ever have a P1. I might file a P1 based on some upstream service, but that would be it.

The whole department going down would be a P2, but I’d know about that before a user filed it as a ticket… and they wouldn’t - they’d be at my door in seconds.

Thus, P3 is ‘urgent’ :slight_smile:


I suspect it has more to do with the limitations of Intercom. I get the impression that once you’re in Intercom, it’s a bit of a black box with limited/no opportunity for Monzo to customise the flow.

An environment with no P1 calls…sounds the dream!

I have to say it feels like they are almost trying to stop you with the prompt tbh as when I first clicked it I didn’t actually read it and I thought it was saying customer support was still limited blah blah

I like the idea that you just start a chat and then have a flag in that chat window to mark as urgent or needing immediate assistance


I’ve also been thinking about this. I like the user triage idea but this implementation could do with tweaking


But they’re arbitrary numbers, as far as I and my users are concerned, my P2s are P1… and thankfully, rare. I’ve had one in the whole time I’ve been working there. But that was a bad, bad day.

Ooh, now that’s an implementation idea I like.


I’m afraid that’s out of our control. Once the list of chats appears there’s nothing we can tweak unfortunately.

What I’m not sure we’re doing though is to avoid asking you again if you’ve already seen the popup in the, let’s say, last 12h. Let me find out and, if we’re not doing it, it could be a step in the right direction :slight_smile:

This would only work for urgent queries, of course, because you might have a non-urgent issue in the morning and a serious one in the evening.