Monzo CS as good as ever

Shoutout to David, who sorted my Faster Payments issue double quick and beyond what I was expecting.

Not sure why people are complaining about long CS waits, I ticked the urgent box and was responded to in a few mins.


Cos if urgent is the new normal the waits are just as long for every issue.


I wouldn’t have ticked the box if it wasn’t urgent.

But if you need a fast response and you don’t tag it as urgent…

Well… hours for anything is too long.

I can’t help but just imagine if you were to replace Monzo with Natwest in the following sentence you would be outraged:

“It took me 6 hours to get a response to a simple banking issue with Monzo”


I kind of get an hour or so for none urgent queries. But 22 hours for an initial response which is what I had recently, really isn’t acceptable.

In the end, I found what I needed here on the forums hidden away, but that’s not really the point.


I’d have thought that info you can search for yourself falls under the non urgent flag. My request needed them to push some buttons only available to them, so i considered it urgent.


Yes, but I think the argument is that non-urgent != willing to wait 24 hours.


I think even an hour is too long. I totally get that it’s just send a message and off you go, but plenty of times I called Halifax and got put on hold for 40 minutes - not acceptable to most people - or if they did a call back feature it was then at least 2 hours later - again not acceptable.

I don’t understand fully why Monzo is let off the hook in an area that none of us would accept from a legacy bank. It’s partly the reason why I moved over to Monzo.

And Monzo themselves recognise there is an issue here. I am fully behind them making changes to rectify this and won’t exactly hold it against them but they themselves admit they didn’t hire right on this one.


Personally, I think:

  • 90% < 5 mins, 99% < 10 mins for urgent queries.

  • 90% < 2 hours, 99% < 3 hours for non urgent queries.

Especially since you can reply and leave for non urgent queries.

I also think the current expected response times for urgent and non urgent queries should be advertised in the app when you choose “Chat with a real human”.


Exactly, and as I said, 22 hours to an initial response/acknowledgement not a fix to the issue. In fact, the initial response, it was clear the COp hasn’t really understood the question.


That’s fair if you have your own ideas.

I am going to assume you would equally not utter a complaint if Natwest/Halifax/HSBC/Barclay’s took 2/3 hours to get back to you? You’re a better person than I am if so!

Not if I could send them a message and wait! If I had to be physically on hold or near my phone, waiting for them to call back, for that amount of time, I’d definitely be annoyed.

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Given that most people are most of the time near their phone then I think a call back serves in a very similar manner to a message.

Natwest now do messaging - I’ve never waited more than 15 minutes for a reply. I’d be rather frustrated by hours - and they’d never hear the end of 22 hours!

I clearly have less patience :slight_smile: But I still believe strongly that there are practices emerging in Monzo that are prevalent within the legacy banks that a couple of months ago people who are accepting Monzo doing it now would have created posts on here complaining if their legacy bank did it.

Monzo has no physical banks. They have to be 100% on top of their customer service in excess of other banks.

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Given that most people are most of the time near their phone then I think a call back serves in a very similar manner to a message.

The issue with waiting for a call back is since you have to be there to pick up the phone when they call it could be difficult to get on with your day-to-day life. For example, I’d be unable to go for a run or pop to Tesco etc…

Also, if you get a message, you can see the message then have time to find any documents or information you might need for the reply, but with a call back you need to be closer to the info in case they call.

Call backs are loads better than waiting on hold though.

I can’t fault NatWest on their customer support - I’ve contacted their customer support through chat a number of times and responses have always been nice and instant most of the time.

The thing that annoys me about NatWest is some of the stuff you can’t do through chat and are forced to go into a branch (eg: to close a joint account, all parties must go into a branch together with their cards, PINs and photo ID).

Well I will definitely give you that Monzo can do everything via chat which DOES make it better than most.

But they have said themselves they want ALL issues dealt with within 30 mins to an hour so I am not sorry for holding them to account when it’s going hours and hours to 22 hours even for a non-urgent issue.

If we become complacent then things do not improve.


Completely agree with this. Wait times over 3 hours are too long for me.

Hopefully the new Monzo chat, further hiring and improvements to the app will bring this back to acceptable levels.

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I’m willing to wait longer if I’m not on hold which is a big plus to monzo support. I feel a lot of people realise this and don’t mind the initial wait as it’s not eating into their time. When you get a reply they are super speedy.

Hopefully things improve, urgent issues are still nice and quick. 20 hours for a non urgent issue is a bit extreme for though an hour or two is ok though IMO.

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Same here.

Most of the time I’m at work so I can’t be calling and sitting there while left on hold. It is so much easier to fire off a quick message and then check back a few hours later to find it resolved.

If I needed a quick answer i.e. less than 15 minutes I’d use the urgent function or call them.

Reading some of the responses on here for expected times I wonder how these people act when they send a text message to a mate and they haven’t replied “in time” :laughing:

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Don’t be condescending - my friend not responding in a few hours is absolutely not the same as my bank.

I’m not at all :slight_smile:

The analogy is the same. You’re leaving a message - it’s not live chat.