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So, I know the company is busy, but when I advise people to go with Monzo (and one big reason is the quick response to queries) I’ve been saying the replies are usually with 10-15 minutes.
Unfortunately over the past few weeks, this has now turned to ‘typically replies within a few hours’.
I sent a query last night, and 11hrs later it still hasn’t even been seen yet?!

It would be nice if this was kept as it was as this was one of the reasons I’ve now started a full switch to Monzo.

Without an actual bank to walk into and talk to someone (I’m not sure if there is a number to call) I heavily rely on chat.

With this taking days for a response, it now makes me wonder if this is going to get worse the bigger the bank gets.

Is it???


If you feel your request needs urgent attention (fraud, theft, card issuesetc) you can use the urgent button in chat.

There’s also a number of the back of your card you can phone if you need to


Also think that COps work in shifts. It’s happened to me that I open chat in the morning with a query and reply to them in the afternoon because I’m busy. If I still need an answer and their 8-10 hour shift is over I’ll have to wait until the following morning when they’re back at work.

My advice is always try to get it sorted once the COps reply to you and you won’t have a problem!

I just want to add my recent experience with contacting Monzo, although not with urgent matters average wait time for a response was around an 1-2hrs, responses were always very friendly and helpful! What was annoying is the constant shift to different people who had to get upto speed with what my issues were and I felt as though I was being passed around.

One agent said give me a second ill just take a look - never to be heard from again and I had to send another message to the thread an hour later. “asking how the issue was” to be greeted by someone else.

Then a day or so later, an agent said don’t worry about being passed around I am now dealing with your case - never to be heard from again.

Admittedly what they had done fixed the problem, but would be nice from a customer point of view to close out with the same agent.


I’ve also had this, I don’t mind different agents taking over but the hand off could be better in some instances.


Hi Andy

I’m aware of that, just passing over my comment on the service recently.

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I messaged them this morning and had a reply within 2 hours. I hadn’t marked it as urgent so I think that’s a pretty good turn around.

I’d imagine they’re probably being inundated with queries at the moment due to the roll out of joint accounts through Monzo Labs

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I just had to contact them using the urgent button because atm kept my card abroad and got an instant reply (thanks Bertha!)

But use it sensibly!


I think there should be a categories before chat…
For example transaction issues, card problems, etc…

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Could you direct message me the email address you use to log in to Monzo so I can get this investigated? 11 hours to an initial response is 100% not acceptable or in any way expected!

We did unfortunately slip to 1–2+ hour response times for non-urgent queries at a few points over the last few days as a result of the fallout from the Mastercard issue.

The team do get some indication from the help page you came from. For example, if you tap on a transaction under “I need help with a transaction”, that is (depending on if we broke it and they may still ask you to double check) shown to the person answering your query.


Good comms, @Rika


I tend to write a title to my message “Lost card abroad” or “Help with TransferWise” or whatever your query is about

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I think we will find more of a focus on customer service once big ticket features and app development is more baked.

Well, that’s what I would hope. Differentiate with the best online and app experience and compliment that with good customer service.

I have stood in a queue at my bank for 30 minutes. Im not sure I want to do the same online chat.

At least online you can actually do something else while waiting, unlike in a bank queue!


You could read Monzo Community posts while standing if you are lucky with the signal!

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I don’t understand why people are happy to have these huge waiting times. 2h even 1h is a long waiting time.

If I call (or in app chat!) my legacy bank I do not remember to have ever waited for more than 10 minutes (usually probably max. 3). No matter how trivial, non-urgent the matter was. No matter the time of day. Obviously some specific departments were closed during the night and I suppose the same is true at monzo.

I don’t understand how people in this community applaud :mondo: and negatively comment on legacy banks when monzo e.g. delivers a card quicker but when it’s about (a more often used service!) getting in touch with the bank they seem to say that 2h is totally fine.

For me the limit is 10-15 minutes (urgent within 5).

What do you think? Am I to harsh here? If it is a question of keeping the cost lower are you happy with the waiting times knowing it’s a free (relatively) product?

My chat times (newest on top):

9h26 (4h and counting)
1minute! Congrats!


A phone call is totally different - it requires you to actively wait unlike a chat message you can fire and forget till a response comes. That said, urgent messages should be triaged quickly

My experience with HSBC is that the telephone staff were not very skilled called centre staff with no ability to problem solve outside their script and no desire to actually help me. I also found it very hard to understand them over the phone (and I’m generally good with accents so that’s mostly a phone quality thing)

So for me, Monzo support is pretty amazing


I also don’t mind the 2+ hour wait on chat either (Yes I’ve experienced it too)

As someone else mentioned it allows you to carry on with what you were doing. If I wanted a quicker reply I’d call or mark as urgent.

I’m generally at work so finding time to go outside to make a personal phone call and be on hold for ages isn’t really an option for me. Whereas firing a quick chat message and checking on it later is perfect. Not all banks have this way of contact so I’m grateful.

On a side note: Sending and receiving gifs from the chat advisors always puts a smile on my face :smiley:


To be honest, there is a number to call if you do want a quicker answer.

Someone from Monzo wasn’t too happy hearing there was an 11hr wait so they looked into it.

I haven’t heard anything back, but I’m sure a whip has been cracked somewhere.

It doesn’t bother me to wait for an hour or so for a reply, I was only hoping this wait time didn’t get any longer.

All in all I think they do a great job! I wouldn’t be with them if I didn’t think so.


So I may be eating my own words here :speak_no_evil:… Currently at 28hr + despite it saying “Typical replies in under 20 min” :pensive:


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