Spent Today - Declined Transaction

Hey - Just noticed that declined transactions count towards the ‘spent today’ amount shown. Presume if a transaction gets declined this should have no impact on this (i.e. £0 movement)?



Hi! Thanks a lot for reporting this, thanks to that we’ve already fixed it :rocket:

Please let us know if it happens again :slight_smile:

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Hi all, got my card today and rushed off to Morrison’s to test it.

As expected the Contactless Payment failed and I received a message on my phone to use the chip and pin which worked.

On my groceries tab it says that I spent 2.77 at Morrison’s. Below it says that I had two visit to this retailer with a total amount spent of 5.54. One would be for the rejected payment.

As one payment was rejected, it should say that 2.77 was the total amount spent.

Screen snaps available if desired.

As a side note I don’t like that on the summary screen amounts are shown rounded up (3 pounds spent). At first it was confusing. Actually, still is. There is plenty of space on my phone to show the actual amount.



Regarding rounding the figures, here and here