Spend summary figures are rounded

This may be by design but all the monthly spend figures are rounded to the nearest pound. If all transactions are rounded up then it could look like I have spent £50 when actually I have only spent £25 (10x£0.50 transactions).

I think it would be better showing exact amounts to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for reading.

They have exact figures in the transaction list. I don’t think the individual transactions are rounded up. They just round up the final sum, which in my opinion is good. This makes it clean and more easy to understand. This way its easier to have an idea of your spending.

Hi @Frankiejr Please don’t worry about the precision of our calculations, we round up numbers just to display on the app but the internal numbers are always precise :slight_smile:

So, in the case you are saying, the biggest “error” you can make because of the rounding is 50p, which over the course of a month, I think it’s acceptable (considering the huge benefit that removing the decimals has on reading speed and cognitive load).