Contactless Payment error, but amount still deducted

This morning I’ve visited my local 4 letter supermarket (like I do Mon-Fri) and got the same items (like I get Mon-Fri), payed Contactless with Monzo (like I do every time). However this time, I received an error about an incorrect currency - the screen showed that payment failed and I had to try again. So I did - again with Contactless option and the payment went through.

Only when I got to work I noticed that Monzo App (Android) is showing that I spent the same amount twice. It’s not a £100 transaction, but the error on the Self-Checkout machine was clear yet payment was processed. It did not give me a receipt on the payment that failed (yet got processed) and I did not take a receipt on the second payment as it was approved without an issue.

Any advice would be appreciated. I am not sure where the issue had originated.


My advice would be to contact Customer Service thru your app for assistance


Hey @dman hope you’ve managed to get to the bottom of this with the help of Customer Support already, but if not, I’ve sent you a PM requesting a few details so I can check this out for you myself :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a similar problem with an ASDA payment. If you had the receipt then customer service can refund straight away. If not I was told the money was only reserved and would refund after 5 days.

Obviously speaking to customer support (which is fast and amazingly helpful) through the app is your best bet.

Good luck!

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Hey Dainius, I think we just chatted in the app! All sorted now right? :blush:

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Yep, all good. Thanks for the help.

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Great to hear it was fixed.
Just out of curiosity what happened?

I am not sure. At the start of the day after I’ve noticed the two transactions I was adamant that I got charged twice. After contacting Support via the App (in the afternoon) the first transaction was market as “Declined” and the second was ok.

I do not remember seeing the “Declined” label at the start of the day, however looking at it now, the text of the label is much smaller compared to other text items on the screen and also it is grayed out/blends with the background easily which is what may have caused me not to see it/miss it.