Spent today bug? 🐛

Hello guys!
I spent £112 at Morrisons today… but:

Why £0.76 was deducted?

Is your Morrisons transaction a roundup?

No… £112

Ahh sorry I’ve re-read your post now.

The number at top that you’ve circled is what you’ve spent today (£111.34)

You’ve only spent that and not £112 because you received 76p :slight_smile:

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What happens if you click the x to remove the interest from tx feed?

The 76p stays in the interest baring pot and is not withdrawn into your current account.

No that looks like plus interest as it doesn’t say saving pot

Ahh okay.

Spent today does not normally include incoming payments though :thinking:

Then this makes perfect sense if it is not a pot.

Yes… but normally incoming payments are not included…
It’s plus interest and paid to main account… like incoming payment?
Should be £112.10 then… £112 - Morrisons + £0.10 Overdraft fee

Now I’m confused :confused: :laughing:

It’s not incoming if he has been paid it or am I misunderstanding? :confused:

Ok let me rephrase that. Spent today normal only takes account of debits, not credits

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Ah ok. Never really paid much attention to it if I’m honest but always though it did whenever I looked at mine.

The math adds up to prove my theory so I’m out of ideas if that’s not the case :man_shrugging:

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Spent that day includes interest payments apparently (even when you dismiss them from the feed), I’ve just checked mine for today and the same thing.

Edit: scrap that added it up wrong (round ups confusing me), it doesn’t!!!

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Just checked mine and it’s not included

All my interest is for interesting pots if that makes a difference

My brain hurts

Edit: you made me math for no reason :angry:

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Yeah nevermind I was wrong, Sunday maths no good good.

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I’m thinking this is a Plus issue somehow

Edit: went back to when I had Plus and it did deduct the interest from the spent today figure


My finger would be worn down to the bone if I had to scroll back to my last Plus interest payment.

Hopefully another Plustomer sees this and can verify :sweat_smile:

See above. I scrolled for miles