Cash back and contactless issues


I have been a Monzo customer for almost a year and have now switched it to my sole bank account, I love the app and all the features. I have noticed 2 issues and wondered if anyone else has come across these:

  1. Occasionally when making a contactless transaction it will decline so I have to put my pin in, this is not related to how many transactions per day as it happened today and was only my 3rd transaction of the day. I wondered if some older PDQ card machines do not support Monzo for contactless?

  2. It has also declined when trying to get cash back from both Tesco and Morrisons at the check out (and using my pin) yet it works fine in the cash machines outside.

Are these issues that have been reported / are being fixed?


Does it decline at the same retailers? Or does it randomly work sometimes but not others?

I get cashback every week at Morrisons, never had a problem. Both self service and staffed checkouts.

Randomly I think but noticed it’s retailers that don’t have the most up to date PDQ machines. It also declined on a LNER train last week and the operator said he had loads of issues with Monzo cards.

Number 1 can’t be fixed* that’s you getting SCA’d.

Under Limits you’ll see how much before it will do it again.

  • Well it could in a sense that Monzo could pop up a message to say the next contactless will require chip+pin so you aren’t having to keep checking the remaining amount. Or actually do app tap to reset the limit like Revolut.

As advised No.1 Here

I have never got cash back option at Asda on my Monzo card with C&P let alone contactless :joy: not really checked anywhere else though.

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Cashback at Morrisons works for sure I used it yesterday.

Thanks for info, I’ll try Morrison’s again as it was a while ago, Tesco was only last week and I couldn’t get cash back at the checkout but could use the ATM outside.

This already happens - are you not receiving them?