Number rounding

(Phil) #1

In the Your Spending screen, the amounts are rounded to the nearest pound:

What do people think about this? Seems unnecessarily imprecise to me - why not just show the real amount?

Spend today link and spend summary suggestion
Your spending screen rounding off figures
Spent Today - Declined Transaction
(Tom ) #2

I prefer it. Like the neatness of it. Pennies are pretty irrelevant over a month.

(Pavel Kirjanas) #3

Why not to make it an option in the settings? People who’re annoyed by pennies, can switch to penny-less view, and people who are annoyed by imprecision, can switch to penny-inclusive view. Democracy to the peoples! :joy:

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

The good side of number rounding: less digits on screen, less cognitive load, faster decisions.

Our rationale behind this is exactly what @tomsr_uk said, over the course of a month pennies are not relevant for what this feature is really for (get to know where is your money going).

Anyway, pretty soon we’ll have exporting features so you’ll be able to get all the transactions (to the penny, of course) and crash numbers with all the precision you need :slightly_smiling: