Slow support responses

(Colin Robinson) #310

And is that reply time or resolution?

(Jack) #311

I can confirm the IOS Test Flight beta now shows estimated wait time and message time stamps.
If it’s like every other test flight it should be in users hands next week?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #312

Urgent Chat, just adding again coz why not.


Approaching 2 days now without acknowledgement on in app messaging, also 2 days for a call back and a day for email. I know its not 5+ like some but still. The name on my card is wrong, the name on my account is wrong, I also need to change my email on account. Can’t close the chat, to reopen as urgent, so just stuck in a loop waiting. Just the acknowledgement would have been enough for me to wait a little longer…

(Steve) #314

My chat has broken entirely now and won’t send messages.

Guess that’s one way to sort the backlog.

(Jordan Taylor) #315

I’ve shared a collective idea over on the Feedback & Ideas section of the forum.
Would be great to hear your opinion on this, especially those who have been using the chat recently.

(Hugh Wells) #316

This is the entire company working to get the backlog down this afternoon. We are fixing this as fast as we can - thank you all for your patience and understanding :pray:

(Matt C) #317

So cool! :smiley: Many hands make light work and all that…


Appreciate that you guys are trying so hard and really hope things will improve soon but it would be bit worrying if resources from other departments have been pulled to fix this issue.
I hope this would not impact on development too much.

(Michael) #319

DSE nightmare going on there! Efforts appreciated and thanks for the photo

(Steve) #320

Even Tom?


Tom has done this in past. In prepaid days Tom use to pop on chat.


Fantastic! Amazing to see this. :muscle:


It’s done at the end of / towards the end of most peoples working days - so it is definitely not taken from other areas.

(Jack) #325

These are the little things I like to see from inside monzo that make a difference :heart:

Looking in app the wait has dropped from 2 days 6 hrs to 1 day 2 hrs now :muscle:t3:


This may sound petty, but from someone with sciatica… the ergonomics here are painful just to look at.

Hunched shoulders, chairs without adequate back support, laptops on tables.
The long term health implications of such an environment are grim. :grimacing:


These aren’t their actual desks :+1:

Congregated in the event space so that all the knowledge and the support is there :raised_hands:


So this is temporary while the support backlog is large?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #329

Where is @tom @naji @simonb @Rika and where are you? :eyes:


Someone had to actually take that photo :smiley: