Slow support responses

(Ray Singh) #331

You should plan more freeze days to help clear the backlogs :slight_smile:


At least it made a dent. I wonder how much daily demand outstrips staff?

How do you see wait time?


I think iOS testflight now has expected wait time in it.

(Jack) #334

It does :slight_smile:


Ooh, so does Android beta:

(Rika Raybould) #336

I’m working remotely at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently I’ve been out of the support roles so long that I can no longer do insane numbers of queries per hour. :sob:


Indeed :raised_hands:

(Hugh Wells) #338

I’ve noticed this as well :see_no_evil: I think it’s also more difficult to get up to numbers like 40 per hour now; just because of the complexity of the questions and greater breadth of the product. I’ve managed to hit 21 per hour recently :sweat_smile:

(Rachel Raybould) #339

Slowing down? :scream:
I guess that does happen when you leave the roll :sob:

(MikeF) #340

It’s an age thing…

runs and hides


I was honestly ready to go #fullmonzo next month but after reading this thread i am seriously reconsidering. For a bank with no branches the alternative methods of getting in contact (chat, phone) need to be on-point in case there are any issues. The thought of having to wait more than 24 hours for a potentially urgent issue is frightening. More frightening still is the amount of people saying calls are not being answered. I can just imagine the nightmare scenario of losing my phone and card and getting told to use the in-app chat when i call - no thank you!!
So for now, as disappointing as it is, I will be keeping my main account with Barclays as at least they are easily contactable. Sad times :unamused:


I couldn’t agree more…

(Dan) #343

Urgent issues are answered within 10 minutes still, this hasn’t actually gone above 10 minutes once. I still get the concern over not urgent issues, though.


Urgent issues handled through the app and marked as urgent are handled in 10 minutes. All other issues urgent or not are not handled


Yes I had a query within the last week and took two days to get a reply

I want to support monzo but if they are going to not have a phone number you need to make sure the chats are well manned at least between 9 and 5

(Neil M) #346

Just having Urgent support but non-urgent support is like the NHS attitude to health. Anything becomes urgent if you leave it long enough

(Brad) #347

As a new customer, I’d like to chime in with my limited experience so far as someone who has opened an account with Monzo and also with Starling.

The Monzo chat feels a bit like a shout into the wind. When I sent a message I wasn’t even sure it’d gone through. Compared to Starling, where you are added to a queue and informed of your place so you have a rough idea of how much is ahead of you. Would love for something similar to be added to Monzo (unless that’s already a feature in the urgent chat mode).

The response times for me trying to sort out my sign up issues took a few hours a pop but it was kind of understandable with the Crowdfund launch, I didn’t have a major issue with the wait times.

(Dan) #348

They do have a phone number. It’s 0800 802 1281 and printed on the back of the debit cards.

This is a recent change as Monzo have moved from Intercom to their own support system called Monzo Chat.

Monzo (I assume as of next week when the testing versions go plubic) will display how long they expect for you to receive a reply, as shown above in this thread:

Starling’s chat system is based on Zendesk and isn’t without it’s own problems. You have to babysit the support with Starling, and if you leave the app or don’t reply within so long, you automatically get disconnected and have to start again.

The response times could be better with Monzo but they’re addressing that right now with huge amounts of hiring going on.


Messages you mark are urgent are answered and dealt with extremely promptly. Personally, I would only ever use the in app chat for urgent issues anyway.

General non account queries you can usually find the answer here in the community or a quick DM to the twitter team and they get back to you as quick as they can and they’ve always being extremely helpful.

(peter welsh) #350

i can say my issue was dealt within I timeframe I was happy with given the query, however I was not initially over enamoured by the response regarding a direct debit indemnity the initial response to contact the company was less than satisfactory however it was dealt with pretty quickly once they realised they had got it wrong ( the initial response was more in line with a debit card dispute) so I have to give some kudos to that