Slow support responses


Yet another reason the single threaded conversation view is a terrible idea. It’s been a while since I looked at the latest support solutions on offer, but I can’t remember any big players attempting to force all requests into a single conversation view.

Some things are the way they are because they actually work; reinventing the wheel to be different isn’t going to be beneficial for anyone.


Revolut do this but their support actually replies within a few minutes :thinking:


I was thinking more about big players in the customer support field, i.e. those who’s job it is to create decent customer support solutions. However, it is interesting to know that another Fintech has taken a single threaded approach.

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Starling also have the one chat approach


It’s bad times if Revolut support times are better than yours :open_mouth:

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No they don’t.

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Oh… When I used their website help there seemed to be one as one person would login in and out.
My apologies for the wrong information.


I mean they announced they’d fix their problems after the open letter and suddenly they’re fixed :man_shrugging:

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I just looked to screenshot the in-app chat but i’d have to black some out so can’t be bothered at this point lol, but each chat when ended archives in the inbox, then when you go in to the chat a fresh one starts. It’s a nice neat way, i’d guess pretty standard but i must admit i rarely use chat functions.

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With Starling you can also send a message (as opposed to a chat), if it’s a non-important issue.


I really think people need to cut Monzo some slack here. The support times aren’t as quick as they’d like, but urgent chats are done quite quickly. I did an urgent chat earlier at 16:19, and by 17:14 it was all done and sorted.

The massive amount of new customers will have been completely unprecedented, Monzo now have 1.2 million customers, compared to Starling’s 300,000 odd which is an astonishing achievement and I’m sure the team are doing their absolute best to rectify this asap.

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I find this works well. I know some have had a longer wait, but i’ve always found chat near enough instant, whereas messages take however long they take, a day or two even, so there’s a clear distinction.
Do i want to get it sorted now? = Chat.
Do i just want to say to Anne i liked her fetching scarf she was wearing in the paper? = Message.

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Scarf?? I thought it was a blanket.

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I’ve checked. Definitely a blanket.

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I think the old folk, and people in 1997, call them pashminas, sounds a bit better than blanket, but can also go over your knees if there’s a draught.

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Ticket marked urgent for over 5 days now and waiting…just switched back to Monzo from a legacy bank, transferred all DD’s, SO’s and Salary only to find out no one is there to help me when I NEED IT THE most! :triumph::grimacing:

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Hi @raymondoo :wave:

Sorry to hear about this!

Anything marked as urgent we’re still answering within 10 minutes, but the full resolution time might take a little longer depending on the issue.

Happy to look into this for you. If you could DM me the email you use for Monzo, I can find out what’s happening here :+1:

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Thanks @liamh will do, appreciate you looking into this for me :slight_smile:

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In terms of progress with Monzo Chat development, our latest internal build shows estimated wait time and individual timestamps for messages.

I can’t guarantee this will be in the next public release, but rest assured we’re working to include the improvements in this thread and other things we know need to be included.

Also want to touch on @BristolMatt’s comment about stats, happy to give a few more :+1:

Since September we’ve added 120 full time equivalent COps, with another 55 confirmed up to the middle of January. We’ve hired more people than that, but if you look at everyone’s hours it’s equivalent to 175 full timers.

This does take a little while to feel the benefit of though - we’re catching up on hiring, then there’s notice periods to co-ordinate and training to do as well. The team also take a little while to “nest” before hitting their true productivity.

We’ll continue to hire, and we also review our hiring forecast regularly to account for customer growth as well.

We know we’re not there yet, but we’re actively working to get the first reply time for non urgent messages back down to 2 hours. We still answer urgent messages within 10 minutes.

CSAT for non urgent conversations is still in the high 80s, so thankfully most customers are still satisfied. We’re not taking that for granted though, most of the operations team are working on this in some form at the moment. Thanks so much for your patience in the meantime, it really does mean a lot :blush:

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can I ask why some people seem to have problems of 5 day + waits for a reply - are these messages being received by Monzo ? - and if they are received why is it taking 5 days to reply