Slow support responses

(Matt C) #270

I don’t disagree with you. I think at least slowing down the number of new users signing up could help in the short term. Is the queue system still in use?

The old system may have seemed better from our side, but I thought the point of the redeveloped chat system was to make it easier on Monzo’s side to deal with things more quickly? Rolling back to the old system may not solve the problem.

I agree, but the alternative is just saying “soz, we don’t have enough people”. They are trying to get the message out that whilst things aren’t great now change is on the horizon. If they could have solved it instantly I am sure they would have.

(Matt C) #271

That would be my expectation too. I think it may help people to at least know how long they are potentially going to be waiting (which I believe is on the way). Some sort of acknowledgement always goes a long way.


I think that’s their target rather than actuals which is what the aggressive hiring etc is aiming to get them back to. A long way to go yet though.

(Neil M) #273

You’re going to have such a long lag time between the two and that could easily knacker any good reputation Monzo has


Honestly sounds like for now at least if your requests needs answered within a day you should mark it urgent, as they are apparently meeting that SLA.


You have to wonder why the people aren’t marking it as urgent, when it always seems to be (enough for a forum sign up and new thread anyway).

It’s disappointing that it’s taken over 3 months to sort, with no clear light at the end of the tunnel!

The new chat system was also incredibly bad planning - But such is life!


People expect urgent to mean i need you to look at this right now.

People also expect you to actually look at your request when its not urgent…


Right now its the equivalent of phoning up and being on hold for 3 days rather than 20 minutes.

(Matt C) #278

Have we actually seen any stats on this? Given how tiny a portion of the user base people on this forum make up, can we be sure that it is really that bad an issue across the board? I’d expect hundreds more people a day to be requesting help on here if it was an issue effecting the masses?

I don’t expect many people are signing up just to say how happy they are with the super quick response they received today. And there may be as many of those cases, if not more, than the ones left hanging.


Considering there’s some people here per day, i’m expecting there’s a consistent percentage of people who go unanswered for 1+ days.

I wouldn’t expect many people to sign up to complain either.

We’ve also already been told they have a 2h target time to respond. But not that they’re meeting that. So they’re way way out on reasonable response times by the sounds of it.

(Matt C) #280

But that percentage could be dramatically smaller than it was yesterday and we wouldn’t even know. I am just saying that it is very hard, without all of the data/variables, to know the extent of the problem.

Really? I have set up accounts on twitter several times to complain to a company, but have never signed up to praise one. I know lots of other people who have done the same.


You also signed up on this forum. You’re in the minority.


Given the experienced Monzo users have also had major issues, I think it’s fair to assume the wait times are long across the board.

How much of that is down to the new chat system is anyone’s guess (appreciate Monzo have said it makes no difference, but evidence out there suggests different).

This thread is depressing now, so the sooner they can sort it the better.

But until the do, new posters will come along every day to say the same things.

(Matt C) #283

Anger tends to motivate people to take action more than receiving the service they expect from a company. I wouldn’t praise Macdonalds for serving me a burger, but I would complain if the burger was cold or took too long to make. It is just common sense. Me being in a minority really has nothing to do with the point I was making.


There’s nothing to defend here. Even Monzo have said themselves. They’ve had their status page saying for over two weeks that their wait time is longer than usual. They cant meet their SLAs, and they cant respond to people in a reasonable time frame.

This has been going on for weeks.


I think we need to look at this from another angle. It doesn’t matter if its across the board or not. It’s not on if it’s one customer or one thousand :thinking:

Monzo should be compensating users for mental anguish in some situations :man_shrugging:

(Matt C) #286

I know that. Monzo know that. They are working on it. No amount of telling them what they already know is going to make the resolution any quicker.


Stop signups to stop the problem getting worse. Completely.

(Matt C) #288

I am going to step back from this discussion now because it will just continue to go round in circles and there is literally nothing that any of us can do right now to improve the situation. I think we are all coming at this from a place of wanting Monzo to succeed and the frustrations involved when things get in the way of that. waves white flag


That doesn’t really matter. Your a customer of Monzo, its in your interest to hold them accountable to their actions and inaction.

Right now, Monzo is not a bank to use if you think you might have any issues with payments or other financial transactions, and that effectively makes them useless as a bank.

Well… There is. We can speak with our money and leave for one.