Slow support responses

@liamh thank you so much for coming on here and updating us during the weekend.

It’s clearly not where any of us want it to be, but it’s reassuring that it’s being actively worked on.

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I’ve waited 4-5 days for a response (can’t be accurate because no time stamps). I got a reply at midnight this morning to which I obviously couldn’t reply to because I was in bed. I imagine I’ll now go to the back of the queue for another 4 days.

I get that growth was better than expected @HughWells has said that a few times but I don’t get why you’re still so agressively trying to recruit more customers through advertising recently when you know full well now that your COps can’t cope and all you’re managing to do is piss off your current and new customers with such a poor customer experience.


As mentioned just above.

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you say your answering non urgent in 2 hours, soory mate but im currently at 57 hours and 20 minutes with zero response to app message email or phone!

To say I’m disgusted is an understatement.

My wife tried signing up and got told her verification failed and to use the chart feature.

After an hour of nothing not even an automated message, I tried via my account.

24 hours later and nothing… No updates no automatic messages, JUST NOTHING!

This gives me zero confidence in Monzo and of this is how the customer service is all the time i won’t be putting any money toot through it!


Anybody else tired of hearing the phrase ‘aggressive hiring’ when nothing actually seems to change?


Hi, @guyverdan :wave:. There’s been a lot of talk about this recently, so I’ve moved your post here. Take a look up to see Monzo’s take on the current situation.

Was just thinking the same. The hiring has been going on for weeks now, with no noticeable change :slightly_frowning_face:


Hiring is one thing, training people up is another. Also not everyone is able to start straight away if they have other jobs and need to give notice. Unfortunately the number of new users doesn’t just stop whilst Monzo put things in place, which is likely why it isn’t instantly noticeable.

They are going to be adding new features to the chat to try and manage expectations and fingers crossed all these new staff members will be out in full force really soon.


I think peoples only expectations are that they are actually replied to within a reasonable time…

I don’t disagree with you. I think at least slowing down the number of new users signing up could help in the short term. Is the queue system still in use?

The old system may have seemed better from our side, but I thought the point of the redeveloped chat system was to make it easier on Monzo’s side to deal with things more quickly? Rolling back to the old system may not solve the problem.

I agree, but the alternative is just saying “soz, we don’t have enough people”. They are trying to get the message out that whilst things aren’t great now change is on the horizon. If they could have solved it instantly I am sure they would have.

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That would be my expectation too. I think it may help people to at least know how long they are potentially going to be waiting (which I believe is on the way). Some sort of acknowledgement always goes a long way.

I think that’s their target rather than actuals which is what the aggressive hiring etc is aiming to get them back to. A long way to go yet though.

You’re going to have such a long lag time between the two and that could easily knacker any good reputation Monzo has

Honestly sounds like for now at least if your requests needs answered within a day you should mark it urgent, as they are apparently meeting that SLA.

You have to wonder why the people aren’t marking it as urgent, when it always seems to be (enough for a forum sign up and new thread anyway).

It’s disappointing that it’s taken over 3 months to sort, with no clear light at the end of the tunnel!

The new chat system was also incredibly bad planning - But such is life!

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People expect urgent to mean i need you to look at this right now.

People also expect you to actually look at your request when its not urgent…


Right now its the equivalent of phoning up and being on hold for 3 days rather than 20 minutes.