Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Well kind would deflate the object of mobile baking but then agin it would be nice to have that option I think

Monzo is an app based bank so will only work on the apps for iPhone and android but will work an iPad but it will nit fill the hole screen. I nit use but I think you can get it to work on the Chromebook as some now have access to android app depends on the model of Chromebook but if you have access to android apps on they go the the store and type in monzo and load it up to see if it will work. Also some chrome books can turn in to tablets.

Monzo may consider making a web based login and iPad apps but right now it’s mainly on the phones but I unsure if they is a need then they will do it

Never say never, as they say. I’d say it’s unlikely to happen soon, although you can download the iPhone app to an iPad. If you want to manage your account on two devices, the only way to do it is to use an iOS device and an Android device, I believe.

Yes I know about loading the iPhone app on iPad this is how I singed up but it would be nice in the future to see this option. So you could have the app on iPhone and an android phone at the same time

I Want to ask for my friend she would like a monzo card account but doesnt have id apart from birth certificate would that work for her to get one

Unfortunately not

You need government issued photographic ID like a passport or driving license

No you need photo ID like a driving license it can be a Learner one or a passport.

Heyy I’m new with Monzo. With the use of Open Banking at Monzo is it possible to integrate bank accounts from other banks into my Monzo account and make payments from those from the Monzo platform?

You currently cannot pay to them but it’s a possibility for the future.

All you can do is view the balance of some credit cards in your Monzo app. This is those who have signed up to open banking and have implemented it fully.

You can read about it here:

They may make this feature in the future but right now not all of them are supported right now and it would be good idea if the monzo app could show all in them you have in the future.

I’d like to know whether you will offer partnership accounts. I have banked with Lloyds for 27 years and am pissed off that I can’t open a bank account for a UK partnership with property interests and so income from Ukraine. I have tried with traditional banks and it seems I hit a wall as soon as I mention activity in Ukraine. I guess Ukraine is grey or black listed despite great progress in the country recently.


I haven’t seen any discussion on this, maybe start a feedback thread and people can discuss and vote.

Hmm, seems not much chance Monza be offering partnership accounts if it’s a first.

Can’t see what the difference is between a joint account and a partnership account. There’s joint liability up to the limit of the account. Aren’t personal and business accounts merging with pop up businesses and stuff?

By this message have I started a ‘feedback thread’?

You’ll need to create a fresh topic, unless one of the mods takes pity and does it for you.

That said, I’ve no understanding of what this partnership account is and what the Ukraine link is. Business accounts can be for partnerships, but I get the impression it’s something different to that? Either way, receiving money internationally is not fully implemented so you’d need to use the likes of Transferwise to get the money from Ukraine to any Monzo account you may open.

Feature requests:-

  • please add functionality to transfer money between Pots, without having to go via the Current Account first
  • please allow to make adhoc payments directly from a Pot (perhaps giving a prompt at payment time. Default account can be Current Account, but would be great if had the option, otherwise have to move money around first)


Make sure you go vote for your first point here:

I’d love that too!

Both your things have been suggested before. One is linked above and I’m sure you can find the other one by doing a quick search. Make sure to vote for them! :slight_smile:

Oh and welcome to the community :wave:

Where can I see the API documentation?
Would like to add integration allowing my service to see the arrival of a specific (identified by a 64 characters reference ID) expected bank to bank payment.

Here you go:

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