Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)


Hi grant

  • don’t believe there’s any plans to add 2 factor to the emergency login. Your email should be secure enough that this isn’t needed (2 factor enabled on it etc)

  • there was plans to introduce shared pots, think it’s on the back burner for now though. You’d still need a current account at the very least to use this though if it ever comes to fruition


(Beverley) #542

Do you open accounts for 16 year olds.Do you have a plain savings account to cater for this age?



Yes 16 year olds can open accounts with the relevant ID -

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(Emma (still not the app)) #544

With other banks and the billion layers of security, once you are in the app you are free to move money out of it. With Monzo you still need to provide pin/fingerprint to transfer money out. So you have your phone locked, app locked (if you chose to) and then PIN to move money out.


(Ged) #545

Thanks for that. Tbh as I’m a new user I have actually made a transfer etc as yet, it was just my initial thoughts on the app. Overall tho, I’m well impressed up to now. Introduced my partner as we have separate accounts. For the moment I have fingerprint setup with a secure app locker that I use. Does the job.
I think it’s because I’m so used to “the usual login” procedure you get with the usual high street banks.
I’ve never lost my phone (thankfully) but it is also protected by Cerberus Anti Theft which is a great phone theft app.
Thanks anyway guys :full_moon_with_face:


((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #546

Your security setup sounds spot on! Enjoy not having to do those annoying 3rd 8th and 11th character and customer number login steps that legacy banks force you to do :slight_smile:


(Andy Slater) #547

Do they? Id be interested in a consensus on whether couples have joint accounts or not. We have our own accounts for our own money but use a joint santander account for bills and a joint monzo account for grocery and fuel spending

Im fairly certain a shared/joint pot would connect you financially and if that is the case i dont see how its more beneficial (for a couple) than a joint account


(Richard Akin) #548

I believe that monzo accounts should be able to have sub accounts which can be accessed when clicked a main account to reduce clutter on the main accounts page.

It will enable customers to be able to further save and categorise the accounts

Food & Shopping

  • Hygiene
  • Take Out
  • Office Lunch

Holiday Funds

  • Portugal 2019
  • Cancun 2020
  • Ibiza 2020

If you don’t understand what I mean you can ask for clarification but I see this as a function a lot of user will appreciate. no other banks currently offer this level of mirco managing.



You can create savings pots which allow you to ring fence money from your main account so that’s it’s not available to spend. Think of this as a savings account but without its own account number.

Within the budget tab you can set budgets and categorise your spend on your main account balance which is where the groceries spend etc is found

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(Cat Bassano) #550

What happens if I share a pay me Monzo link for someone to pay me from abroad, will it work? will they be charged a fee similar to what banks charge for international transfers?



Not recommended at the moment:


(Jolin) #552

If you’re talking about a link (where they enter their debit card to pay you), then it might work. It depends on the country the debit card is from. This is the list (I know it refers to “top-ups” which don’t exist anymore, but the same country list is used for, press the :arrow_down_small: to make it more legible:

In terms of what they will be charged, it depends what (if anything) their bank charges them for using their debit card in the UK.

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(Adam Bass) #553

I’m having a bit of trouble with my Monzo account- is this the right place to look for help, or should I go elsewhere?



If it’s related to your account you may find you need to use inapp chat or but ask away and see if the community can help! (Just no personal details!)


(Adam Bass) #555

Essentially, I’m trying to set up my Monzo, and every time I try and input the code it send me (via sms) I get a message saying “Unable to verify, please try again”. Any ideas?



Is this trying to open a new account or logging in to an existing one?


(Splodf) #557

If existing account this sounds very much like the wrong email message.



My phone has gone for repair. Can I access Monzo on laptop to see balance?


(Emma (still not the app)) #559 :+1:


(Stella) #560

hi! i want to apply for a monzo card but can anyone tell me whether there are credit checks (either hard or soft?). i’m in the middle of buying a house so I’m trying to keep my credit applications etc and impact on my file to a minimum :slight_smile:
should i wait until everything is finalised instead?