Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)


They will soft check you which will appear on your Noddle report, and only hard check you if you apply for an overdraft.

That being said, unless it’s absolutely necessary, I’d probably wait for the house process to finish before applying.

Just in case :smiley:

(Stella) #562

thanks thats good to know! i think that’s probably for the best, i just get a bit impatient and I’m trying to sort out a better way fo separating my bills and spending money!


Yeah, it’s likely that nothing will go wrong, but waiting would be the cautious approach.

If you already have the mortgage approved and everything, I don’t see them checking your credit file again - So if you really wanted to go for it, you would probably be OK.

But… I’d wait if it was me.

(Margaret) #564

If i have money going in my account on monday will it clear my account on Saturdays the same as barclays bank

(Emma (still not the app)) #565

Not at the moment. Monzo wait until Monday when the money has actually cleared. This could change in the future though

(Tim Taylor) #566

Good day one and all - I’ve had issues with trying to pay for overseas bookings online in dollars or Euros. Is there an account setting I need to change to allow this please?

Thanks in advance

(Jolin) #567

Nope, should just work. What is the specific issue (e.g. what message are you getting)? Many websites aren’t setup to properly handle foreign-issued cards and so you can run into problems (regardless of which UK bank card you’re using). I’ve had to go through various contortions with half-fake billing addresses in the past.

(Tim Taylor) #568

No more detail available unfortunately; just get the transaction rejected on the website. Had this in US and Europe now, but weirdly I can pay fine with another Mastercard issued in the UK

(Jolin) #569

Do your attempts show up in your Monzo feed as card declined or similar? If so, I would tap into one of them and start an in-app chat from there. The Monzo COps team will have more detail and can probably provide further insight. There’s no generic reason that your Monzo card shouldn’t work on overseas websites, in fact it should work well! @BethS also might be able to provide some insight? :pray:


I think this is definitely an in-app one so we can see if there are any Mastercard network messages :eyes:

Based on the small amount of information I would say it’s a merchant acceptance issue where the merchant isn’t keeping their database up to date, we still get this problem😞

(HB) #571

Please can we make a new option for the app!?

To have the option to sign up to a ROLL OVER BUDGETS option each month!

For example: If my shopping budget was £40 and i only spend £10 of it, automatically roll over the £30 left over to the next month to have £70 in my shopping budget to spend!

This would automatically do the roll over for every budget, and if overspent, would highlight it or something first.

Who else thinks this is a useful idea?
HBHowrse :sparkling_heart:

(Joshua Wickens) #572


is it possible to use Monzo like Paypal? for business purposes. For instance i work for a consultancy that has a mystery shopping branch, where we use members of the public and pay them through Paypal. This is on a global scale. Would it be possible to use Monzo for the same purpose?



(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #573

Business accounts are coming. Watch this space.

On the other hand, if you just want to pay people who have a Monzo account, then, yes. Monzo is a bank account with sort code and account number like any other.

(Joshua Wickens) #574

Great! that’s good to know! i have seen the countries you operate in, does Monzo cover North Africa also?

(Jonathan Gorbutt) #575

Just wondering if there is any plans to give breakdown of spending per merchant’s so you can see an overview of how much your spending per week/month at a given shop?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #576

If you click into a merchant you can see the average spend, total spend and number of transactions. When looking at transactions you can see the date and amount you spent as well in it’s own feed.

(Jonathan Gorbutt) #577


Not what I am looking for really… I was hoping basically the Summary Spending tab could show per merchant as well as per category.


(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #578

Would get awfully cluttered surely? Perhaps clicking into a merchant would offer that view, but adding that to a Summary… I’ve been with Monzo for a couple of months and already that must be 30-40 different merchants??

(Jonathan Gorbutt) #579

There are many ways to make it neat and tidy…

I.e have the option to switch between Category/Merchants… within the same area so your not adding to the what is currently in that space just replacing it.

and maybe only show 10-15 merchants/categorys with the option to show more?

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #580

Not saying there isn’t a solution if this is added.

Playing devils advocate then. Which should be the default? Category or Merchants? Which 10 merchants/category to show and how to order them, by total spent, by last payment date, alphabetically…

Personally I’d be happy to have the Merchant data initiated via a click of the Merchant name. Find a payment, click for info and get a more detailed breakdown at the bottom of that page.

But again, just my opinion, I’m not as ‘Merchant’ focused as some?