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No, selecting a payment defines the time period. Nothing more.


Thank you. Is that the same if an incoming payment is recognised as “Salary”? I.e, we always have to set the total spend amount regardless of whether our salary is paid in?

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If you set a budget, all he figures are in your control. If you don’t it runs off the value of the money in the account.


Got it, thank you.

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Hi everyone,

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So, what I understand is that we should just let the Banks keep on charging those fees when legally speaking and humanely speaking those can be avoided and it won’t cost them an arm and a leg. As I understand Monzo is an Independent Bank and also it is a Bank for the People, so, why can’t Monzo intervene either through a Public Inquiry, Televevised Debate or any PR tactics so to help those at the bottom of the ladder which is always mostly the case. I understand there are Laws and Regulations but when Injustice and Deceit is committed especially towards Customers who with their money is running the Business and paying for the staff’s wages. I may be wrong because I am not an Economist, Accointant nor do I work in any Financial Institutions and so I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. I thank you in advance for your time and understanding. Happy New Year 2019.

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Antoine Cyril Englebright.


Hi there,

I like the idea of the savings pots and it being locked but i prefer a bit more of a protected option of not having access to these funds rather than just being able to contact customer services or closing the pot to get my funds back next day, i have a 30 day notice account with Aldermore and a 14 day notice account with Securetrustbank but both of these i am unable to send funds to or receive money back is this being worked on at all? will the savings pots potentially have these features in the future, if they did i would happily move all my savings to this

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They are planning more savings integrations in the future so this could well happen

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Hi very new to monzo. I’ve got this card as someone suggested it in a group for travel abroad. How does it work for charges etc for paying for things? Used a pre travel card and was charged £13 for two transactions when I was in Prague.

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Welcome! :smiley:

You don’t get charged to use the card in transactions abroad. There is a fee for withdrawing > £200 in a 30 day period:

Other than that, use it abroad as you wish – no hidden fees.