Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

Yes, I meant flight crew…not owning one myself I am not well versed in the lingo :joy:


If you need to pay in cash or a cheque to your account which bank or outlet can be used to do this ?

Hi Martin

Take a look in the FAQ section of the app. You can pay cheques in by post but you can’t currently deposit cash.

Here’s the relevant guidance:


I’m looking for info about how Joint Accounts are going to be implemented. Great to see they are coming soon because I’ve been waiting before switching. My wife and I have always operated 1 account and don’t have personal current accounts. I’m wondering if we’ll be able to jump straight to a Monzo Joint Account or do we have to have personal current accounts first?

You have to have individual accounts. The sign up involves sending a request for an individual account to another Monzo individual account.

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Replied you in an other thread @Crepusculous

Brill. Thanks.


Following-up on my introduction note, I want to get my daughters (both uni age) and wife onto Monzo. I have 2 golden tickets I can send, but I read recently that there is no waiting list anyway. So is there any benefit / reason to send them the golden tickets?

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Currently, nope

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Other than it being a fun way to invite people, no benefit as of yet.

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OK thanks. I rather thought that might be the case :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve just signed up to Monzo as I was told the card is good to use as a pre paid card for travelling in Europe. What do I do when it arrives? I assume there’s only one card type as I wasn’t given an option to choose a pre paid card.


The prepaid card has been discontinued as :mondo: is now full bank. If you ordered the card today you’ll probably get it by Tuesday, maybe Wednesday at the latest.

Make sure you take note of the payment limits if you plan to use the card to take cash out abroad there are charges if you withdraw over £200 a month while abroad


Will the card still work for travelling in Europe the way the old one did? I.e. I just transfer some money into the account and can use it in the same way? Thanks

Yep it can work just like the prepaid, besides the fee for withdrawing cash abroad (after a 200£ free allowance which resets monthly) and the fact you can no longer top it up from another card (you need to use bank transfers). Payments abroad are still free though, and you get the raw MasterCard exchange rate.


Hey all! I switched to being #FullMonzo last month and I’m already seeing progress and benefits from doing so but I have a few questions.

  1. I am paid weekly ‘I work in hospitality’ i have my salary paid into Monzo but it doesn’t show as being my salary, are there any ways to change this ?
  2. with my being paid weekly the Summary likes to shout at me and inform me I am overspending is there any plans to implement a change in summaries so that it can reflect weekly summaries as well as an overall monthly ?

Keep up the great work guys.

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I add money to Monzo weekly and if you set a budget you end up without it not being disappointed in you all the time. Just set the budget excluding anything in committed spending.
You need a payment over £200 to trigger salary and it’s just not worth trying at the moment with weekly payments. Stick to the default monthly period and budget

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My weekly salary is more than £200 but still doesn’t reflect this.

As far as I know you just find your salary on the summary page and set it as your salary. But I think it assumes it’s monthly. It on the budget tab at the top under set start date