Feedback: Joint Account testing


Yesterday we opened up testing for our upcoming joint accounts to 100 users. If you were lucky enough to make it into the group, then congratulations! We’d love to hear how you’re getting on.

You can either get in touch with us through the in-app chat as normal, or leave your feedback below.

What’s great? What’s not great? We want to hear it all.

And thanks for helping us make our joint accounts the best they can be!

(If you didn’t make it into the first batch of testers, stay tuned to @MakingMonzo for more opportunities in future!)


Unfathomably excited to test this! Great work Monzo :monzo:


Oh yes!
Just got the email - cant wait to test this… how much testing do you want?

Everything? like moving Direct Debits over etc?


Is this being tested in the normal TestFlight app or a special version?

I’d imagine its the normal version, You just need to have signed up to the link they posted on twitter and they will activate it within the app for you (probably hidden behind a feature flag). All spaces are gone for now though :confused:

hopefully won’t be long until more :smiley:

@cookywook Do we know when is JA testing coming to Android?

As much as you like! Just use it however feels right/normal.


I can’t believe I missed it! I’d been checking the account everyday and I bloody missed it :man_facepalming:

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I got the email, but no link in the TestFlight app.

Email said that it should be coming in the next day or two :+1:

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It’s the same Testflight app as normal. But folks in the joint account testing group will get an extra update.

The Testflight app is coming in a second email. Keep an eye on your inbox! You’ll have it by the end of the week.


Perfect - thank you

Damn, missed it!!

Will CASS be on the joint accounts?

CASS won’t be supported initially but should hopefully be added soon after launch. To give you a bit more information we have already updated our backend systems to support CASS for joint accounts however we still need to figure out the designs and update the apps.


Really looking forward to testing this, putting into a joint account monthly for bills is ideal for us.

Managed to be quick enough and snap up a seat too! :slight_smile:

Guys it’s broken on ios 12. Crashes on launch.
iOS 12, iPhone 6S Plus.

Sorry to hear that :disappointed: Which app version?


Have you tried a full delete and reinstall? :pray:

Hugh how do you know so much?! Cheers!

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