We're halfway through The Big List! An update

Payee management big one for me. Will we get more stuff then references and saved payees.

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I think this needs significant improvements - Doesn’t work if payday is different due to a weekend or if someone is getting paid weekly/4 weekly.
Would have been good to see this as a detailed card like the one for recurring payments.



Definitely an achievement worth celebrating! Well done to the team.
Looking forward to the upcoming features, especially joint accounts (or pots for them anyway) :smiley:


I’ve been waiting for joint accounts before switching to Monzo (I won’t use a personal account) but I’m wondering how this will be implemented. Will I have to open a personal account first (and will my wife need to as well) or will we be able to jump straight to the joint account? Anybody have any idea?

I loved that regular payments to pots were added. Much requested but not on the big list!

Delighted it came, but barely been celebrated. Loads of us were desperate for this!


I am one of those who are already testing joint Accounts so these will be available soon - A sole account was required for joint account signup so I Initially I believe Monzo would require both users to already have an individual account. This might change in future though.

You can follow this thread Feedback: Joint Account testing


We don’t have it on iOS yet… well I haven’t anyway…

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I think I read somewhere a couple of days ago iOS should have it in a couple of weeks.

The definition of what counts as done in this list looks like it was defined by someone in a marketing function :laughing:


Agreed. As someone that gets paid weekly, I think marking this as “Done” is a bit iffy.

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I get paid on the last working day of the month so the end date is never right for me. I agree it still needs tweaking.


This is so not done!


This should not be marked as ‘done’ by any stretch of the imagination!

The whole Summary project feels very odd and un-Monzo in the way it’s been handled and such half-baked functionality released.


Hmm, agree it’s not implemented with fantastic function… but disagree that it’s not very :monzo:, and that’s in a good way…

Launch an MVP or a bit better watch how it takes and develop from there.

That’s how the best functionality we come to expect arrives…?


Some decent additions so far (apple pay, international payments, direct debits in recurring payments, web interface)

What I want to see next:

  1. Interest on savings
  2. Ability to add your own photos to pots (and more complex rules for pots - IFTTT does simple transfers on a date for me and sounds like simple transfer are nearly here for IOS too)
  3. Customised start dates (I have to agree with everyone else, I don’t think this is complete to the standard it needs to be. It’s pretty fundamental to good budgeting and a better solution needs to be found. I still think you should have the ability to select on a calendar what dates your time period starts - not sure whether possible though as I have no app making skills!
  4. The ability to exclude transfers in from the summary
  5. The ‘keep track of who’s paid you back for lunch’ which is in sneak peeks in the app (might be linked to no.4)
  6. Ability to deposit cash - Monzo is my only account so this proves to be a massive problem, especially with an Aussie lodger who pays his rent as 6 £50 notes every month!

I actually think once all six are done, the app would be pretty much there for me in terms of being able to use it without any issues to help me budget month to month and to automatically save into savings pots which is the basic aim that the main Monzo app should be trying to achieve.

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I wouldn’t say this is ‘done’ at all and I hope we will see improvements fairly soon :monzo: — it doesn’t seem to work for most people. It only works for those who get paid monthly exactly. Those on any other type of payment pattern it’s pretty much useless. I get paid on the last working day of each month, this month summary thinks my month ends on 28th July when it’s actually 31st.

Having said that, keep up the great work :blush:

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Glad to see a Savings Interest sneak peek! 1.2% isn’t too bad at the moment, I wonder who the third party is…

Also notice the camera button in the screen shot, custom images for pots maybe?


It isn’t going to be that, that’s just for illustrative purposes