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I’ve got a Monzo account and I got a new phone transferred everything over but my Monzo won’t let me sign in I can’t contact anyone as there’s no contact number I need this sorted asap deleted the app 3 times and reinstalled it but still nothing !!

You need to enter your email & you’ll get a login link sent to you.

Are you seeing any errors etc? Make sure you are entering the correct email!

What @michaelw90 said or You can also try 020 3872 0620

If you can elaborate on what you’re doing, the steps you’re taking, what you expect to happen Vs. what is actually happening we can try to guide you :slight_smile:

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Hi Kelvin & welcome :wave:

Did you restore a backup from your old phone to your new phone (which included the :monzo: app)?

If so, uninstall the :monzo: app from your new phone, then download and install it, then try & login using the ‘I already have an account’ link at the bottom of the login splash-screen.

Further details in section 4 of this post: