Can’t access Monzo with new phone

I have recently changed phones and each time I try to set app up it keeps asking for mobile number and when I put it in it says already in use.

I have tried signing into app rather than signing up again, i have been clicking on link within email but asks for phone number and I can’t proceed.

Signing up again won’t help you even if signing in doesn’t work.

Suggest you contact Monzo by email or phone and get their help

Hi Brian! Are you sure you entered the right email address when signing in? It shouldn’t ask for your phone number if you’re logging in so I suspect you must’ve entered a different email address

Please uninstall the app, restart your phone then install the app again and make sure to enter the email address exactly how you entered it when you registered


Thanks so much I had set it up on another email address stupidly. Thanks again for your help :+1::+1: