Trouble signing into the app

I have recently upgraded my phone and once trying to upload the Monzo app on my new phone it isn’t allowing me to sign in and says there has been an error?

Can someone help please?

Thank you!

If you delete the app and then reinstall it from the App Store that should resolve the problem.

Have you got your email/password correct?

Do you still have your old phone, log out and log back in, does it still work?

Hi I have done this a few times and it still says there was a problem, cancelled?

I’m just recharging the old phone so will give that a try thank you

I have tried this and it allows me to be on my old phone with the app but won’t let me log on my new phone? Any suggestions?

Have you changed your mobile number?

What is your new phone/OS? And has it been modified in any way?

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