Help... locked out of the app!

I’ve got a new phone, and i cant access the app on my new phone. When I tried to open the magic link email, it led me to signing up all over again? Now its stuck on identifying me… and i can’t access my account ? Help??

Try deleting the app and reinstalling from the App Store. That usually resolves problems like this. Restarting your phone in between times might also help.

I have, but it just comes uo with the pop up that they are verifying my account information :frowning:

Did you use the correct email address for your monzo account, using a different one tends to put you through the sign-up process for a new account

I’m unsure… how would I even reset it?

You don’t. You use the address you used to sign up with.

This is because you’ve not used the same email address you signed up to Monzo with.

Think about what other email address it could be and use that.

But i can’t use the app? Its stuck on the same screen :frowning:

No i totally understand that but tbe app is stuck on the one screen even if j delete and reinstall it

iOS or Android?

As I said before, deleting the app should resolve this, and as others have said, you are probably using a different email address.

If you can’t remember which email address you used to sign up with, try contacting Monzo on

Yeah I did respond i’ve uninstalled the app 4 times and each time it still shows the same screen? It’s ios :confused:

Did you restart your phone after you removed the app?


Remove app.
Restart phone.
Reinstall app

Ensure you’ve logged out of the app on your old phone. You can’t be logged in on both.

Yeah, i restarted my phone every time i deleted the app

Try deleting the app from within Settings and see if that makes any difference?

More specifically:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage
  4. Under the Storage heading, tap on Manage Storage
  5. Wait for your list of apps to populate
  6. Select Monzo
  7. Tap on the red Delete App option
  8. At the next prompt, tap OK
  9. Exit Settings
  10. Reboot your iPhone (press the Power and Home buttons for about 10 secs)

Now reinstall the Monzo app and see whether this process has made any difference.

(If that works, double check you’re logging in with the email you used when you signed up for your Monzo account).

If this does work, I believe the reason this issue crops up is because iOS stores a config(?) file for a short while even though the main app has been deleted. Restarting your phone and deleting the app this way removes this. This advice and info was gained from similar issues people reported with apps such as Tinder etc.

If you’ve got a newer iPhone, which I assume from the context of your post you have, this step is slightly different, as follows:

  1. Press volume up briefly

  2. Press volume down briefly

  3. Press and hold the “side button” (the big button on the right hand side) for about 5 seconds until you see the Apple logo on screen.

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While that’s true between two phones/devices on the same OS, that does play nice as I’m constantly pinging between my Chromebook and phone. It just logs the other one out


Okay it’s now saying they can’t offer me a monzo account. i alreasy have one. I am using my email address for my monzo account and it’s just coming up that they can’t offer me an account every time.

I don’t mean this rudely, but you are using the wrong email address or you’re not using the log in link.

You’ve entered into the sign up flow by the sounds of it.

I can tell you with certainty that you aren’t for the reasons I mentioned earlier and what have just been repeated above too.

Think about what other email address you could have signed up with and use that.