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So in the latest test flight the default sent from monzo reference now defaults to the last used reference. (Slight bug in it
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Well, looks like certain people (those from fintech talk mainly) will have to think up a new complaint now.


Was there really a need to make that comment?


Credit where it’s due to Monzo here.

Without “certain people” rightfully complaining about the “sent from Monzo” default, this wouldn’t have changed.

Great to see Monzo took on board their complaints and implemented a quick change :grin:


There are a lot of assumptions in that. How do you know it’s in response to the tiresome moaning on and on about this?

There have been requests for this since the current account preview.

For all you know, it was the plan all along and they’ve only just implemented it. Please don’t encourage the whining and circular discussions that characterised the original Sent from Monzo thread.


I’m not a huge believer in coincidences.

What logical business reason would Monzo have for introducing a “sent from Monzo” default, to then change it 2 weeks later?

Those other threads aren’t related to the “sent from Monzo” default which seemed to be people’s biggest complaint.

Perhaps someone from Monzo could confirm whether this change was in response to the recent disgruntlement of the community, or whether it was a planned change all along (@simonb, you are normally good at finding these things out!)?

Edit - To go back to your point though…

That thread was only live for a few weeks (23 days from the look of it).

I’m happy to give Monzo my negative feedback when it is required, and IMO, it’s only right to acknowledge when I feel something has changed for the positive - Be that a planned change or a response to a thread.

If it was a planned change, then great - No real harm has occurred (although I’d question why someone from Monzo didn’t chime in on the “sent from Monzo” thread initially, especially given the outpouring of discontent from it).

If it was a response to the thread, then equally great.

Not sure there is an element of “encouraging the circular whining” by simply giving a virtual high 5 to Monzo for something they’ve done well…


If by tiresome moaning you mean a portion of the community raising their concerns and voicing their opinions on a change then ill accept that.

Monzo wouldn’t be the company it is today without taking this communities viewpoints on board

I for one always accept constructive criticism if its something i can improve on


I have to agree. Monzo want to be the best bank, but they are not perfect. They are open about striving to be better and wanting constructive feedback. Without constructive criticism, Monzo would stagnate and become like the legacy banks. Complaining for complaining sake is one thing, having genuine concerns and expressing them is another. Praising Monzo subsequently for doing the right thing should be encouraged.

Take the PayPoint debacle. Without the complaints about PayPoint not being able to conduct transactions, Monzo might not have started to look at using the Post Office (although they do plan to charge for it like at PayPoint, but thats another story for another day).


Another good example would be the iOS performance.

Monzo previously didnt have any metrics it seems on ios performance until enough people on here “moaned” about the app becoming slower and then they looked into it and noticed this was a problem that would only have gotten worse if not looked at and consistently monitored.

I think criticism is great, and as you’ll see, I’ve wanted a change to the payment reference since mid-2017 (and voiced that). I’ve raised concerns about various things over the years on this forum. Not trying to discourage criticism in the slightest. But there is a vocal minority that goes on and on and on and on about what they think should change, as if it’s somehow ‘wrong’ that they’re not being listened to. And that’s what happened in the original thread. It’s boring, unpleasant, and corrosive.


Debacle? Oh C’mon get real. It’s not been a debacle in the slightest and has been quite successful. Ridiculous phrase to use.
There’s been vocal opinion about the fee but that’s it. Calling it a debacle is just wrong.


Yeah, they were unaware of the desire for Post Office deposits before the moaners started inscesently bringing this up and exaggerating the issues with PayPoint. :roll_eyes:

(There are loads more, that one from July 2016 was just the earliest I’ve found. But really, the suggestion of Post Office deposits has been a regular one since the Mondo beta.)

I’d agree that some threads have a tendency to become circular and do indeed turn into a “moaning for moaning’s sake” type of thread.

But looking at the “sent from Monzo” thread you are referring to, I just don’t see it (ignoring the wildly off topic posts at the end which made up a big chunk of it).

The thread started 23 days ago (when the “sent from Monzo” default was switched on), and 3 days of conversation followed - Some OK with it, others not - No one came across particularly entitled or aggressive.

It was then completely dormant until 3 days ago when it was hijacked, and a load of off topic stuff ensued.

You might have a point about other threads, I just don’t see it on this particular topic.

Purely my opinion of course :smiley:


@jzw95 Monzo chose PayPoint and @HughWells has already stated that there may need to replace all Monzo cards for Post Office compatibility. That suggests it went off the radar in favour of PayPoint. Equally, I also said might. I never said Monzo did.

@anon4562461 My reading of the PayPoint thread is a lot of people struggling to deposit money because the lack of knowledge of how to do it at PayPoint. Maybe I needed to use a different word, but it doesn’t look good.


Yep post office wasn’t on the radar until starling rolled it out

I remember this, but my memory was that they kept the door open to considering the Post Office in the future, it just didn’t make sense to start with them (for the reasons you said and others).

I never got the sense this was the case. Cash deposits haven’t been around that long, they said they would consider other options in the future. This certainly doesn’t indicate the Post Office had fallen off the radar (note “chose to launch with PayPoint first”):

I have to admit that I didn’t go back and read the original thread, I was going off my memory of it. So maybe, as you say, I’m thinking of how it got derailed into people complaining over other things (that they’d complained about on other threads, too). My apologies.


I’ve linked to a post showing the Post Office was on the radar back in 2016 when Starling didn’t even exist (as a product)! You’re unbelievable in your trolling.


I highly doubt this.

Debacle may be a strong word but it hasnt went down the best due to:

  • Fee
  • Low end limits
  • Paypoint staffs lack of awareness of the feature

But this thread isnt about paypoint or even the possible post office implemenetation so lets all not start up that conversation again and hijack another thread

They only thing that I remember from it was the Queen references at the end :joy:

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I’m not trolling anything. If monzo wanted to use post office they would have sent out cards with the correct chips. Like starling did months before rolling out deposits. It doesn’t make sense to replace millions of cards to activate a feature the had on their radar
Also you linked to a post where a customer said they like the post office for deposits. Nothing from monzo about wanting to use them

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