Made Faster Payment - Reference Changed - Advice Please

Hello, i am after some advice please about a recent faster payment made to Very.

Last month I sent my usual monthly payment via Faster Payment, doing all the usual checks of correct Reference No before authorising in app for the payment to go.

Thinking all is good, I then here off them that they have not received my payment.
Upon double checking the payment in App, the reference has changed from my account reference to the reference if “VERY”.
Now this is a reference I have never used to send payment to them, and always double check the reference which has only ever been my account reference with them.

I have been in contact with Very several times, they claim they are unable to locate this payment on the particular date with this specific amount reference. They advised me to check with my bank, in this case Monzo and get a full end to end bank trace done.
I requested this to Monzo, and all was confirmed was I was given a transaction ID/reference to give to Very to try and use this. Also Monzo confirmed the money had been delivered to the account number & sortcode which are the correct details used to pay Very.
Again went back to Very, and still banging my head against a brick wall with them where they are still saying they can’t locate or find my payment even with this transaction reference.

Monzo in the mean time, have tried to recall the payment from the corresponding bank account where I have been advised there was no reply from Very/the Bank.

Now this is where I am stuck, Monzo are saying there is nothing else they can do to help me and must attempt to resolve through Very who I also seem to have hit a dead end with.

Now this leaves with the issue of blame, where this reference got changed by itself when the payment was sent. I know at the time before I authorized the payment it was correct, this is some I always check. Surley Monzo can still help to some sort, as this got changed when payment was sent somehow/why??
I have read before in the past people have also seen their references changed by the app to another one previously used, however in this case I have only ever used this one which is my account code.

Any help/guidance would be really appreciated thankyou.

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How far have you escalated this within Very?

It’s not uncommon for the customer service representatives to have limited tools or knowledge in certain areas. If you can escalate this to a specalist or senor person in the payments team you might have more luck? :man_shrugging:

I’d also start the formal complaint process with Very too so they start to take it a little more seriously.

I got through to their missed payments department, who then handed me to someone else where they seemed to go away and attempt to do something like checking and looking through the accounts.

i’ve tried on several occasions to get past this department and speak to other higher people but wont let me go any further, always end up with this one particular department

This bit seems strange to me. You can’t be the first to send without a reference, it must happen daily. Surely they have a process for this?

I think you need to escalate with Very somehow.

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Monzo are brushing you off, don’t stand for it. According to the UK Payments Administration Ltd ( UKPA, who took over from Association of Payment and Clearing Services (Apacs)) & EU legislation, it is the responsibility of the sending bank to trace - and if necessary, re-issue - a payment that doesn’t arrive at the receiving bank. What’s more, if the payment is not sorted out within a specific time frame, the sending bank will have to start paying you interest on the sum owed.
It is Monzo you should be escalating this with, they are required by law to find the funds or reimburse you.

Source (old but still relevent):

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If you continue to get stone-walled by Monzo, then the Financial Ombudsman will help you for sure in this instance.

That would be right, except:


My concern with Monzo is that they are not even attempting to help anymore when the issue arose after I had sent the payment from within the App, when I had the correct reference when I submitted and authorised the payment.
I had never used that one reference which it got changed to.
They do not seem to be even acknowledging this, not even questioned or mentioned about it.
It’s only been we will try and recall the money back which had been unsuccessful

You need to escalate this with Very.

This will happen to them every single day. People don’t put references where they are told, you won’t be the first on that day that didn’t put a reference, let alone the first ever. I can’t believe they think they can say they can’t find it and call that it.

There has to be a someone more senior you can talk to rather than getting a “Computer says no” from frontline staff.

I’m going to just take a 2 prong approach and chase both parties on this until it’s resolved


I think unfortunately there’s very little that Monzo can do in this circumstance; the FP was made to the correct account, with the reference as instructed by OP - and they’ve confirmed as such.

Perhaps there is some formal confirmation you can get as a pdf/email etc to take to Very - but it sounds like the issue here has nothing to do with Monzo.

The best course of action would be squeaky-wheel as much as you can with Very. If you can’t get past front line, twitter, or formal complaints process would be my suggestion. If you can get evidence from Monzo to show to Very that the transaction was completed, all the better.

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There is

It’s very odd that even with this number Very haven’t been able to trace the payment. It feels like it hasn’t managed to get escalated to anyone or department who understands how to trace it.

Can I just reiterate my point/issue, when I got prompted to authorise my payment, the reference wa correct which was my Very account reference. Now afterwards once this had been authorised and sent, somehow it got changed to a reference that I have never used, or ever inputted. This happened afterwards, once the payment had been authorised in the app by myself.
Monzo had confirmed the payment went to the correct account and sort code, but had the wrong reference at this point.
You can even see in my app feed the reference is incorrect.

Monzo have done all they can. This is a problem with Very.

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Ah I had missed that bit. So when you pressed “Confirm payment” or whatever the button is, it had your correct reference - but after it changed?

Yes exactly


When Monzo do what they are legally bound to do & trace the payment, then they have done all they can. As I explained above:

“it is the responsibility of the sending bank to trace - and if necessary, re-issue - a payment that doesn’t arrive at the receiving bank.” Monzo saying they did pay it simply isn’t good enough - they must prove it, trace it, recover it or reimburse it. It’s their legal responsibility to do so, not the customers. Theirs.

Did you miss this bit? I’ll post it for you again.

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It’s odd that this person seems more angry than the OP.

They were the last to comment and then found it relevant to resurrect it again 24 hours later. Just to keep repeating the same thing :confused:


Again, a transaction ID/reference that shows nothing at the receiving bank is not proof of payment - it’s just a number. A transaction ID/reference that shows that the money is in the receiving bank is proof.
And again, this is the duty of the sending bank to do, not the customer.