Feature Request: Create a scheduled payment Monzo to Monzo Joint Account without having to setup a new Payee

(Jay Ess) #1

I’m trying to setup a scheduled payment to my Monzo joint account. Although I would have to setup the joint account as a fresh recipient to be able to do this. So it would be great to have the ability to setup a scheduled payment into Joint Account right from the Move Money menu rather than having to setup a new scheduled payment.

Anyone else could use this feature?

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Scheduled & recurring Monzo-to-Monzo payments
(Splodf) #2

You already can.

Just change the payment date from today.

(Jay Ess) #3

Thanks but this means you’d have to setup your joint account as a new payee no?

Would be much easier if you could just schedule payment into joint account without having to do the setup manually.

(Kieran) #4

Nope, you can enter the account number and sort code of any account on the page before @Codf’s screenshot. :slight_smile:

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(Chris) #5

I can’t see how to schedule a payment to another Monzo account without having to manually enter sort code & account number. Single immediate payment, quick.
Rather than “Send”, can we have “Now” and “Later”?


Monzo-to-Monzo scheduled payments aren’t available yet.

Hopefully, when the feature is built, they’ll include all the current functionality of standing orders.

(Splodf) #7

The only way to do it is to type the details in then schedule it that way.

I’ve never noticed this before today!

(Jay Ess) #8

I’ve actually updated the feature request to clarify what I really meant. It was more about moving money between Monzo accounts rather than when the scheduled payment takes place.


You can vote for recurring Monzo-to-Monzo payments here: