Scheduled Payments to Another Monzo Account


Monzo is great. Go out for :pizza: - send my pal £20 monzo to monzo in about 4 seconds. Boom. Happy days. More time to enjoy the four cheese 10 inch.

But why can’t I do a scheduled payment monzo to monzo just as easily? I know I could theoretically punch in their account number and sort code but why can’t I just click on their face in payments and set up a weekly payment for :pizza: club?

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #2

Mate, what’s the first rule of :pizza: club? :wink:

Also, I think this has been raised before (probs for scheduled transfers between normal and joint accounts). It’s no doubt on the to-do list!


This feature has been suggested previously. You can vote for it here:


Ah fair play. Thank you. Voted.


Always get dough balls?

Ah thank you, yes I’ve now been directed to the original post. Here’s hoping!