Same Day Monzo

I saw this from the good folk at @MakingMonzo earlier.

Currently when you sign up for Monzo you can’t get into the app until you receive and activate your card.

We’re testing letting you into your account immediately, so you can start sending/receiving money (and more!) right away…

They go on to say that…

You’ll still need to wait for your card to buy things online/in shops, or to set up Apple Pay and Google Pay.

So, other than adding money to the account, and maybe switching some DD’s over… what is the advantage to this?


I guess just getting a feel for the app. Nothing worse than having to wait to use something,

shame about: :arrow_down:

I hope they allow Apple Pay and Google Pay right from account opening in the near future. Hopefully the only limitation as to why it’s not been done already is time. I know Starling allow this already.

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I bet this is off the back of the research completed.

Imagine how many potential customers they might miss out on, especially when it comes to apps, if you have to sign up and then wait to click around and “play”.

The fintech carrot on a stick :smiley:


Surely not? lol - I can’t imagine Monzo advertising a feature that people have asked for, but dumbing it down so much, it gives you read only access to the app!

Starling give you instant access to your account, and allow you to add your card to Apple pay for usage straight away (online and in store) - I expected Monzo to do something similar with that.


Can you setup either without a physical card being scanned?

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On Starling? Yeah - The virtual card is good to go as soon as you’ve set up your account.

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You can for Apple Pay, I had my Starling Apple Pay Card within seconds of opening my account. (I have now closed it though). You can add a Monzo Apple Pay card from within the Monzo app but only if you’ve activated your physical card first, no need to scan.

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I missed the quote, I meant the apple or google pay?

Yeah this is one of things I really liked about Starlings onboarding


Well I never… I feel daft, there is add card manually button at bottom of google pay… i had never noticed that before!


I was a bit surprised that following application the app effectively locked itself down until the card arrived, but in the context of something like a bank account I would imagine that “cooling off” period is important in terms of account / identity etc. verification - for Monzo as much as anything else.

Even in today’s world, the prospect of being able to open / use a bank account immediately with nothing more than some basic information and a photo of some ID surprises me. Clearly possible with the likes of Starling, but as above, on reflection I don’t think it’s unreasonable.

I’m not necessarily saying it’s unreasonably (although, with the technology we have, I think it’s something they should do).

But I was surprised to see Monzo advertise “We are working on “Same Day” Monzo”, which to most people, would sound like the exact thing they have been asking for… Using the account as soon as you open it (using the account to make payments should I add) - With ApplePay and Google Pay taking over, this would be a nice feature.

I’m just struggling to see what “Same Day Monzo” actually is going to bring to the party? Access to the app? Surely there must be more to it than that.


Yes, I’m with you… I was doing my devil’s advocate thing, sorry! :slight_smile:

As I say, I was surprised it went into lockdown following application - my expectation was that it would be instant too given how slick the application process was. We’ll see what “Same Day Monzo” brings in time I guess! :slight_smile:

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Haha, I do love a good devils advocate!

Monzo are usually pretty good at following hype with substance, so we shall hopefully find out soon!

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Quite a bit, I think!

First up, just getting into the app right away is a better experience. Rather it being like ‘we’ve got this great app to show you but you’ll have to wait until a bit of plastic comes in the post’ it’s pretty cool that you can get in and start checking things out. Then when your card comes you’ll be ready and raring to go.

But also, there’s plenty of things you can do without a card. Just sending and receiving money is a huge part of things (think salary, bills, Direct Debits).

In case you can’t tell, I think this is very, very exiting :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply @cookywook - I’m disappointed you can’t use the account to spend (Apple/Google Pay), but I guess it’s only a couple of days to wait (and it’s not like it affects me anymore anyway).

I’ll ask now, because no doubt someone else will… Is there a reason why Monzo haven’t gone down the route of allowing customers to add their new cards to Apple/Google pay before they physically arrive?


I suppose getting your account number and sort code might be useful to start moving over DDs and SOs straight away?

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i would of thought getting the card was verifying postal address,

That haven’t done it yet… Now that they’ve gone this far, I haven’t heard anyone say they’re not going to go any further down this path.

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Yeah I know, there is always room to improve.

It feels like (to me), that it’s a conscious decision though?

Considering we’ve come this far, and the big announcement didn’t include that (with no mention of it coming soon), just feels like it’s more a choice, rather than a development issue.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it, or there is a lot more development than is feasible at this point.

Usually Monzo are quick to say “yep, we see people want that, we are working on it” - But it seems a conscious decision to not say that so far…