Temporary Apple Pay card when main card compromised

Good morning,

I recently had to freeze and change my card.:unamused: Gladly, I was in the UK and the new card arrived very promptly. Thank you :monzo:. However if I was abroad it would have taken way longer.

What I am suggesting (and I don’t know if that is possible) is that Monzo could provide a temporary virtual card which you could add to Apple/Android Pay whitest you wait for the physical card to arrive.

What do you think of that? Or is it our responsibility to have a second card that we can use in emergencies?



It’s an interesting idea, and maybe one that no other bank has thought to address.

If you were with Lloyds or Halifax and your card was stolen whilst abroad, you would be in exactly the same boat (maybe even a worse one as you would have to wait longer for a card).

I guess good advice would be to take a credit card with you ‘for emergencies’ (maybe leave it in the room safe whilst out and about). I understand this might not be very helpful after you have had the issue though!

Would it be possible for Monzo to pass you your new card details via the app before it physically arrives so that you can set up Apple Pay?


It’s an idea that has been raised before and something Starling currently do.

I just wish Monzo would implement it. Seems to make sense for a bank that exists online.


Yep - Starling is the first UK bank to offer in-app Apple Pay and Google Pay provisioning before your card arrives.

Monzo has said that they are working on enabling users to use the app before their card arrives, but they won’t go as far as allowing in-app provisioning before the card arrives, at least initially.


Wow that is fab to know. I’m actually waiting for my Starling bank card :smile:
I’m going abroad for almost a year and wanted to use the occasion to test them out (and have higher coz unlimited free ATM).
It will be nice to finally compare :orange_heart:vs :brain:


Not true, Halifax actively advertises that your ApplePay card is still active if you cancel & reissue your card so that you have access to your funds. I got my cards stolen while I was in Hungary last year and that literally saved me. :iphone: :credit_card: :bus: :airplane:

Fyi, the ApplePay card automatically updated its numbers when I reported my physical one as lost & stolen, I didn’t have to do anything .I think there was a notification about an update (but it was a year ago so I am not sure any more).


TIL :wink:


+1 for this! I love how Starling does it :slight_smile:


I didn’t know that. :+1:I froze and then cancelled my card - Apple Pay showed me a notification that the card is not working. At that point, I deleted my card and when the new one arrived I added it. Now I almost want to cancel my card again to check it out (I won’t :wink: I will just trust you on that).

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Santander does this too- it automatically changes the card in your Apple Wallet so no re-adding is necessary. It’s a nice touch and one I’d definitely like to see with Monzo.

I’m glad you’ve decided to try out Starling too in the end (never too many cards :wink:), it’s always handy to have a backup in case anything happens. Starling only sends card replacement overseas on a case by case basis at the moment while they decide on how best to do it, so be careful with the card! Was tempted to get a Visa Revolut just so all my challenger banks wouldn’t be on the same payment network. It’s more of a just in case thing I guess, I hold a couple of currencies in Revolut but it’s largely inactive.

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