New Monzo account but did not received my card yet

I open my new account, supposedly I had to receive my card a couple of days ago, but nothing arrived. I re-applied for a card again and still nothing. How do I know if I have been accepted or my account has been created? There is no phone or anyone to ask for feedback or status

The fact you’ve had opportunity to order a card confirms it will most likely be open, however, there are delays with postage and Royal Mail so I’d give it another week to see if your card arrives.


Yep lots of issues with post again.

A lot of my parcels have been delayed because of all the snowfall.

You don’t NEED the card to be able to start using the account, that’s the good thing, you can add a virtual card to Apple/Google Pay if you haven’t done so already

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I know that used to be the case but I think that changed some time ago to prevent fraud or other irregular activities?

May be wrong though.

I am sure that is still the case, not sure why they’d change that.

If it was to stop fraud, I’m sure other banks would have followed suit and they haven’t

I remember being told it was being removed but I can’t recall the reason.

Even the blog post promoting the ability to add the card to your wallet upon opening an account has been removed :frowning:

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When I opened my account last year I was unable to add my card to Apple Pay until I had activated my physical card even tho the option to add it was shown in the app

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I’m certain it was following something from the FCA to ensure KYC was accurate and address etc was confirmed before allowing access to accounts.

OP - you can email if you’re concerned it’s not open but I’d give it another week to allow Royal Mail delays to calm down.

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Huh, well. I am clearly not up to date with Monzo then

I just re-opened my Starling account and added my card while waiting for the new card to come in the mail (new design one too)

Re-open is handled differently, as you’re already confirmed a customer.

Wasn’t even sure they were re opening accounts, tried to do mine a while back and they said no.

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That makes sense, KYC was already done when I closed my account couple years ago

There are a variety of reasons why, of which I can’t discuss. But not everybody can access their account immediately, some have to wait until their card arrives and is activated.

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Okay guys my Card has arrived with the one that I requested as a replacement, so now I have two cards. Anyway, thank you all for answering so promptly


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