Start spending immediately after signup with Google Pay

We’re live with much, much quicker signup using Google Pay :tada:


Shame I’ll never get to experience this :wink: Having been signed up for a long time :joy: but an awesome feature nevertheless!

Does this also apply for card replacements? (specifically “card is lost / stolen”, not “damaged or broken” … Also, aren’t damaged & broken synonyms?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Glad to see this feature, it’ll be awesome for new users :smiley:


Believe it isnt the case for replacement cards with apple pay so id assume the same here.

Emphasis on the assume, be weird theyd allot it for google pay but not apple pay

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This is great but for existing customers who have already added their card to Google Pay there is a great big stonking ‘add to Google Pay’ button beneath the card that doesn’t disappear. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sometimes between us, Mastercard and Google things get out of sync and we can end up failing to identify that you already have your card in the wallet on your device. For most people it should correctly match up cards added the manual way and not show the button, however!

If its bothering you a lot, it should fix itself if you delete the card from your wallet and re-add it through the button.


Already signed up with Google Pay. Now just to get rid of the annoying link trying to get me to add the card again!!

Cool thanks @erincandescent!

You’re right it’s not a massive issue but it does effect my OCD especially when it’s an alert asking me to do something I’ve already done :laughing::yum:

Your solution seemed quick and simple but I can’t remove my Monzo card from my wallet because of the below


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For me with starling it got out of sync but for Monzo is all good from the get go :slight_smile:

Just need you to get it sorted with instant issuing replacement cards :slight_smile:

Excellent work, this was an issue for me being stuck at the running omw! and wanting to get started. Glad to see it being implemented.

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Such a cool feature. Would have really impressed me had it been there when I first got Monzo :+1::+1::+1:

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I have the same issue. I subscribed to Google Drive with a Monzo card, so now because Google Play payment service is intergrated into Gpay, that card has been automatically added to Gpay. When I first tested the “add to Gpay” button in Monzo app it worked, but then I am irritated looking at duplicated listing in Gpay app so I removed Monzo-added card and could not readd to Gpay to set up contactless payment via Gpay anymore! It turns out I had to provide an alternative payment card for my Drive subscription and then that auto-added card data will be remove, then I can add via Monzo again. Couldn’t reach Monzo help at all and by the time they got back to me I already sorted it out by myself. Ridiculous.

I got a new card last week and added it to Google Pay directly from the app. All went well except when I started spending Google Pay app didn’t show the spending history and also when I wanted to use Google Pay on the web it didn’t show Monzo card there and I had to add the card again which was weird.
Now I removed the card completely from Google Pay and added manually. It’s all back to normal. Just wondering if anyone else experienced the same thing?
@Rika what are your thoughts on this?

I tried to get an answer on chat but I guess it wasn’t clear to them what I was talking about


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Sounds like a Google Pay issue where the card was added to the phone but not properly linked to your Google account. Transaction history and Google Pay Web/in Chrome/etc. depend on this.

Not sure if we have any control over it. :thinking:

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