Start spending immediately after signup with Apple Pay

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We’ve just launched a new feature to get you set up and spending quickly with Monzo :tada:


Awesome news!

Well done guys :smiley:


That’s great! Does this also work when you request a replacement card I assume?


:boom: Great work!

(Simon B) #5

I asked Tom about our growth recently and he mentioned this as one of the things he was most looking forward to. The idea being that when you sign up, that’s when your interest/passion for the product is at it’s peak, and before this, you’d then be stopped in your tracks for a day or two.

So it’ll be really cool to see what effect this has on growth/referrals, etc.


Yeah, I remember when Monzo previously introduced the “Use your account right away” a few months ago, which was primarily making and receiving bank transfers, and getting to know the app etc.

I think this has much more impact - The idea that someone could sign up for an account, and use it to buy something minutes later is very “wow” for a lot of people.

(Tom) #7

This is awesome, nice work!

(Aaron) #8

Great! Finally :slight_smile: - I’m assuming this works the same way for replacement cards? (Ie automatically re-issued for Apple/Google Pat) prior to receiving new physical card

(Jai Sullivan) #9

This is huge, well done Monzo! :monzo:

(Chris Rimell) #11

I’ve just opened a new account with Nationwide (it’s a secondary account, don’t worry I’m not leaving Monzo :wink: ), and my goodness do I feel like I’m back in the dark ages. I’ve had to wait a couple of days to get an email to say my account has been accepted and I don’t need to provide ID (I’m assuming this is because my ID has been verified from credit search and electoral roll verification), but still I have to wait for a letter in the post for the sortcode and account number. [Edit: I should add, I can’t register for internet banking or their mobile app, because you need your card or sortcode and account number to do that!]

So in a roundabout way, I’m saying well done. It’s definitely a good goal to work towards to basically be up and running in minutes - one step closer!


As far as we know, this isn’t the case. But happy to be proved wrong. I don’t want to test it :sweat_smile:

(Jai Sullivan) #13

I’ll be disappointed if this is not for replacement cards too :slightly_frowning_face:

(Ben) #14

New customers get all the fun!


I believe that’s the end plan. :ok_hand:


Ok… I have some news! Some good, some bad… and some… that’ll generate more questions than answers!

I thought I’d ping Monzo CS a message about Apple Pay, and whether it will be for replacement cards as well as new accounts.

I’m still on Intercom, and the advised wait time was 1 day (I didn’t mark it as urgent).

Time to reply… 6 minutes! 6… minutes!

Alex answered whilst visiting Columbia (gotta love the South American support!) - He was incredibly helpful, and I was really impressed with him.

The bad (for now) - Apple Pay won’t work for existing accounts when replacing cards at the moment - It’s only for new accounts.

As @BethS has just said, this will hopefully come eventually!

So I guess the question is… How are Monzo chats queued? With my “non urgent” request being answered in 6 minutes… It seems strange others are waiting days (typically with the new system?)

Either way, hats off to Alex in Columbia visiting his family! :grin:


that uh sounds like you marked it urgent :see_no_evil:


Nope - I made sure not to as I wanted to see how long the “normal” CS would take. :grin:


We’re definitely not that up to date, maybe check with Alex :wink:


I’m not following…?


On if it was urgent or not - because only Urgents are aimed to receive an answer within 10 mins :thinking: /offtopic :see_no_evil: