Receiving Other People's Post/Parcels?

Has anyone received other peoples post before ? I went outside earlier and Hermes had left a parcel for someone who lives on a completely different street, so out of good will I took it round to them. It had been opened for some reason.
If that was my parcel I would not have been happy,

Are you sure Hermes delivered it that way, and it’s not the case that they delivered it to the right address only for someone to pinch it off the doorstep and abandon it a few streets away after checking the contents?

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Yes. If it’s post (which your post is about, but then mentions parcels), I’ll just put it in a postbox … it’ll end up at the right place.

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I keep receiving someone else’s McDeliveries. Similar address and inattentive delivery driver is my guess. I refuse so maybe he has them, or delivers them to the right place, I don’t know :woman_shrugging:

Well that’s a possibility. However I live in a quiet area where there’s hardly anyone around.

But yeah the fact it had been opened and then left under my mat was odd

This has probably happened to me 20 times since I’ve lived here, not for McDonalds but various places. I guess it’s usually dark and the addresses are similar.

I’m always tempted to take the food but never have.

We had this not too long ago and happened a lot. Was always taking it to the neighbour and tutting at the Uber Eats driver.

When I finally said to him it’s not for us, turns out the neighbours were aggressive to a driver and had been banned from getting deliveries so we’re just having them sent to us instead.

Reminds me of the Friends episode where Chandler and Joey order pizza but tell them to buzz opposite so they don’t have to get up! :sunglasses:

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I have never received someone else’s mail, but I have had mail delivered to me that was constantly miss delivered to another specific address.

I lived at 23 Aardvark Lane and my post kept being delivered to 23 Aardvark House also on Aardvark Lane. The guy there kept delivering my mail until I worked out adding (top of the lane off Anteater Road) to my address solved it.

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Funny enough my partner had a Monzo card delivered to his address to someone who doesn’t live there.

Used to happen all the time. I used to live in a street that was next to a street but with ‘West’ added to the name.

11 Smith Street was just down the road from 11 Smith Street West.

I complained to Royal Mail a few times because it was just laziness but they didn’t really stop. Luckily we were nice and dropped off each other’s mail occasionally.

I’ve only had it happen to me once and I think it was just a genuine mistake as there was no correlation between my address and the one written on the package.

It took me a good 30 minutes of walking to find the correct place to deliver it to as it was several streets away. I knocked on the door, explained the situation only to have a look of disgust on their face like I’d stolen their parcel or something. All they said was “oh, right”, then they shut the door on me and that was it.

All I expected in return was a simple “thanks” but I kind of wish I hadn’t bothered and just dropped it off at the post office now :sweat_smile:

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