Hi there, I am trying to set up a Monzo account but it does not have my postcode on it’s database and I have already contacted Royal Mail and they have informed me that the postcode I provided is on there database so I’m looking to get this matter resolved so I can open up the Monzo account.

Thanks Callum

We can’t help you here, because we’re mostly customers. You’ll need to email

Is it a newly made street?

No it’s not a new build or anything when I check my address it’s only giving a handful of house numbers.

Do you mean in the Monzo app your postcode is only bringing up some house numbers but not yours?

If so, I think it’s a bug as there have been other similar threads on here in the last few weeks. I would definitely email Monzo as suggested by @Anarchist, and give them as much info as possible in your initial email, as they can take a while to respond to emails it seems. Tell them that it’s not a new build and it’s on the Royal Mail database etc, in case the person picking up your email doesn’t realise there’s a potential bug and just directs you back towards Royal Mail.

I think that even for the new street the postcode would still be there

It’s also possible that the postcode the OP has been living with for years is actually incorrect. Postcodes can also be unique to certain portions of a street, if you can see some house numbers but not others it’s possible that the postcode is wrong. This wouldn’t usually stop letters from arriving.

You can also check your postcode here If you won’t find it there than maybe there is some error in government papers

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