Royal mail delay, anyone?

Had an item dispatched on Wednesday 1st class and still not here. I’ve tweeted them and waiting for a reply but want to know if you guys experienced delays at all with RM recently?

Royal Mail are affected by Covid-19 like everyone else. Inefficiencies caused by need for introducing social distancing for workers, inconsistent workforce due to people having to self-isolate meaning they’re not fully staffed as usual, and it’s an Easter weekend.

My understanding is no post is guaranteed at the moment apart from special deliveries, so delays to 1st class post are to be expected.


Yeah I had a moonpig card that was dispatched on Wednesday as first class so should have been delivered by Thursday. But the recipient still hasn’t received and it’s Friday. Tbh it’s expected due to all this shite going on.

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Given the circumstances with the world right now I thought it would be pretty obvious as to why there was a delay to the postal service.


Forgot its bank Holiday isn’t it?

That and a global viral pandemic, yes.


The first comment from @HoldenCarver that you “liked” mentioned this :see_no_evil:

Royal Mail site should give you everything you need to know:

Big delay here. Was expecting a load of cards on 14th Feb but still nothing arrived.


I’m surprised Royal Mail are still in business and this covid-19 hasn’t finished them off.

Is tomorrow classed as a holiday too?

No. Just today & Monday

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On a bike ride just saw a sign on the royal mail door it said due to corona, we are not requiring signature for parcels.

So if it comes tomorrow when I’m not at home will they just post it through the letter box or would they take it back to the collection office? Its royal mail signed for, BTW

I think they still like to see that a person has recieved the item, but you don’t sign on the PDA and you stay distant.

Only had it for a couple small parcel so far, they eft it on door step knocked stepped back and waited for me to collect. On one occasion I had been out and saw postie on way back (he was a few doors down), he shouted he had something, I went in and did as before

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Nice one thanks dude

Hope it gets here tomorrow.if not hopefully Tuesday

Depends on the size really. If it will fit through your letterbox they will do that, if not, they might ask a neighbour to take it in & leave a card through your door but it really all depends on your regular postie
If I’m expecting a parcel that’s too big for my letter box but still quite smallish in size, my postie will leave it in my electric meter box which is outside my font door

Beyond the other logistical issues mentioned above, Royal Mail are typically the least reliable when it comes to delivering items, and lose or mis-deliver, or falsely deliver far more of my packages than just about every other courier I use on a regular basis. I always worry when retailers dispatch expensive items via Royal Mail or Parcel Force.

For instance, most recently, Amazon used Royal Mail to send a very expensive item a month ago, which was due to be delivered on March 19 and has been sitting at my local depot since March 18. I’ve had numerous parcels dispatched and delivered since then. I can’t report it as lost, because Royal Mail keep scanning the item, and when queried, have been telling me it will be delivered “tomorrow” for weeks now. Amazon are investigating, but won’t issue a refund or send a replacement until they hear from Royal Mail. Something that likely would not have happened had they used DPD like they usually do.

I raise you Yodel.

I don’t find Royal Mail bad, and hopefully they’ll continue to be doing the great service that they are currently.


Yodel don’t deliver to my area, thankfully, but I’ve heard many horror stories about them.

He knows this all too well. Take a look at his topic history, yet he continues to use them and more topics about it are born :sweat_smile:

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