Missing address - but not on Royal mail's end

Hi there,

I’ve been signed up to Monzo now for almost a year and so far loving it. I’ve finally convinced the wife to take the plunge and sign up.

However we tried to sign up, but our current address is not showing when we enter our post code. Now this is odd for a few reasons…

  • I already have an account (signed up for at my previous address before we moved) but updated my personal details in the app, to use this address no problem, just after we moved.
  • Its a new build… but we’ve lived here for 9 months now, and the address had been registered before we moved in (so had no problems with any other websites having us listed)
  • The royal mail tracker (linked to for reporting a missing address) already has our address listed…

Anybody else experienced this or got any suggestions?


If the Royal Mail had your address on their database but it’s not showing elsewhere, it usually means the other firm (Monzo) has not updated their copy of the database.

It could be a sign of a wider issue at Monzo - as yours is the 3rd post I recall about similar issues recently

Is there an option to add your address manually? (i.e an address not listed/found option?)

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Sadly no option to enter manually, so we are currently stuck unable to sign up my wife.Yep thats correct, sounds like they just havent updated their copy (but its been on royal mails end for at least 6 mo as far as I can tell)

Frustratingly, when you update your details after you set up an account, you can enter it manually - as my working account is showing at this address.

Do you have a relatives address (parents, etc) you could sign up with, then change the address as you did as a workaround? or would that be classed as ‘fraudulent’?

From another thread, there’s some suggestion that it may be a display issue, if it’s the case that you are getting a list of addresses but yours isn’t appearing on it.

It may also be worth searching the help in your account for ‘contact us’ and raising the issue directly with Monzo (using the ‘chat with us’ link) so they can be aware of what is happening and hopefully be able to investigate and resolve the issue.

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