RESOLVED: Current account payments may fail - Major Outage (27/10/2017)

I received my payslip which meant my employer had paid me but there was no Ka-chang :money_mouth_face: opened the app to discover this :cry:

mhm, me too - just as I’m waiting for a faster payment :joy:

Also showing this message Screenshot_20171027-150700_01

I’ve got messages in both the prepay and CA app :frowning:

yeah - theres an update on each status page

CA -
PP -

Receiving a payslip doesn’t mean you have been paid… I tend to get mine 1-3 days before payday. Obviously if it is due today then this situation isn’t helpful. Monzo isn’t having a good week!

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For me it does mean pay has been transferred :smirk:

Edit, should clarify I know this because I work for a small organisation and just check on slack with a colleague



…and this is exactly why it’s not a good idea to shift everyone from PP to CA as some wished for in light of GPS issues all this week.


Yeah, a ‘major outage’ looks painful .

Especially on a payday :cry: I literally have £5 in my account

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Totally agree, I was asking what options were available in terms of deployment but this is what the preview was for, stress testing and finding bugs before they surface in full production.

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£2.something! :wink:

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Any idea as to what kinda payments might be declined or is it random? I’ve still got my Natwest account but to be honest the current account has been my primary account for a while now.

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Pretty sure it’s all inbound and outbound payments. I just tried to pay for a cinema ticket online and then also tried to transfer some money to my PP card, both failed. (So I’m assuming from a small test, but still!)


OK. I’ve just paid for coffee in Pret and it went through fine.

Hope this is solved quickly :confused:


It’s not Monzo’s fault but it’s a really bad time to go down… for me I have all my DD’s going out on my payday and if I didn’t receive my salary I’d be hit with late payment fees.

Luckily my rent goes out a few days later but it could be problematic for many people to a rather serious level.

The trouble is that for card payments, OK you can transfer to another account. No big effort. For incoming payments you just… have to wait.

It is a bit though…


Keep an eye on the status page all! I will update here as well where possible. So sorry for the trouble caused on your Friday afternoons!

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