Anyone else having this?

Hi. I’m due my monthly wages tomorrow and there doesn’t seem to be any payment pending on the app. This has happened before about 6 months ago but I was on Benefits then. I’m a little worried because other people in my company have had payment issues and I have bills due out on Saturday. 🤦

You need to speak to your employer. Monzo will show you the money as pending when they receive it, if they aren’t showing it, they haven’t got it yet.

Your company pay be paying you via faster payments instead so you may still get paid tomorrow.

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As above.

I have a payment due tomorrow. It started showing yesterday and I can claim it early at 4pm today :slight_smile:

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I have a payment tomorrow & same as Ordog it showed yesterday.

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Same here ! Showed yesterday evening and I’ll claim it at 1600 today.

Just wait till tomorrow & see if it arrives. If not, go to your employer tomorrow and speak to them.

Is tomorrow a bank holiday?

This suggests that it’s more likely an issue with your company than with Monzo tbf.

If it’s due tomorrow and it doesn’t turn up tomorrow, have a word with your pay department.

Monday is.