RESOLVED: Current account payments may fail - Major Outage (27/10/2017)

I meant the timing of the crash. I have no idea what the reasons behind the crash are to know who/what is to blame. Things happen.

Yep. It is a beta service so people should be aware that these things can happen, however it IS Monzo’s fault, it’s their system, to say it’s not just because we like them is silly.

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Yup, the CA is running on Monzo infrastructure.

This sort of things is why the migration from the prepaid programme doesn’t need to be rushed.


I only have two bank cards…both beta…

Lucky I’m off this week :confused: good week to be off!

So what’s the link for the :monzo: office? I’m sure after this week is over you’ll all need a beer! :beer::beers:


I’m sure it’s everyone’s ideal Friday afternoon in the office.

I’d love to know how often this sort of things happens with other banks that we simply never get to hear about.

If a large bank was unable to transfer salaries and make card payments at this time I guarantee we would hear about it.


I agree it would be headline news at 3pm bulletins

HSBC had one this morning! :slight_smile:

Hopefully everything is back up and running asap, and the :monzo: team don’t end up working all Friday night when they should be in the pub.

In Malaysia received text message as was payong the restaurant bill. No indication as to prepaid or CA account and did not have access to wifi to check. After the last few days assumed it wadms a prepaid problem.

Fortunately the transaction went through on the CA card and the terminal showed it to be accepted. However its not yet reached my account.

Is there a risk that the merchant won’t get paid eventuslly?

Unlikely and not something you need to worry about :slight_smile:

The notification is probably delayed…

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Payday loan? Only 50000% :wink:

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I rather send my to Monzo CEO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No we wouldn’t? It’s been an issue for like an hour… you only hear about issues with banks that last for hours and hours normally.

I disagree, personally. If it were a problem with using cards, sure. But if people just weren’t being paid it would be immediately obvious.

Not at all? If cards won’t work you’ll heard about it pretty quickly as people won’t be able to buy stuff. People getting paid specifically after 2.30pm today not seeing the money in their account for a few hours wouldn’t be headline news.

Let’s agree to disagree :slight_smile:

According to statuspage it’s been an issue for at least 3.5 hours so far

Edit: failed to account for time zones. @tommy5dollar was correct


According to status page it became an issue at 2.30pm and was fixed 2 minutes ago. So, 85 minutes.

CS just sent me a message in-app chat that problem has been fixed :+1: