Monzo and Starling CEOs on today's outage (25/10/2017)

(Tommy Long) #131

I assumed they were reviewing/fixing code or advising on infrastructure. If they’re actually accessing existing infrastructure then they might need on-site access. At that point though Starling employees could theoretically have access to the data for Monzo (and other) customers, so I’d be a bit sceptical that that’s what’s happening.

(Mark Edmonds) #132

Ultimately this is the fault of GPS, not the banks. (Unfortunately as a customer, it reflects very badly of the bank) They have agreed a contract with GPS which has failed them. Monzo’s approach to building an in-house processor makes perfect sense, not only as a provider, but also as a bank. If you are a banking institution, you should have complete control of all your systems. Otherwise you can only wait for others to fail, like this week has proved many times over.

As for the Startling statement, it seems all too reminiscent of the AIB days when Anne was in charge…don’t think much has changed.

(Tommy Long) #133

Just to clarify, I meant to write GPS’ development team is likely outsourced to India, not Starling’s! I’ve edited the post.


To quote Steven Seagal in Under Seige 2; “Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups” :wink:

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Works 100% of the time…


Here is a chance for those silent Starling fans to vent whatever … :wink:


Well done, Tony!! :roll_eyes:


I blame @TonyHoyle for not getting paid :wink:

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I’ll be surprised if you’ll get much of that.

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Yikes, very surprising. I hope they didn’t have access to any other party’s data.


Things are quiet on the Starling front in here today :speak_no_evil:

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Well all weak I have used Starling and no problems bar a delayed payment S to PP. I was able to confirm at both ends, so to speak, that the transaction was verified. Given the amount of the proverbial hitting the fan I think this is quite comforting. However, I continue to feel vindicated in choosing not to migrate fully to either given that both are still in beta. It looks like GPS have a system experiencing unprecedented demand (given all the new entrants in the market) and somewhat like a row of dominoes one failed link causes a jam. However, what I do know, since I know an IT consultant who lives here but works for the main London-based banks, is (like the NHS) they are all suffering fro a chronic case of old technology, both hardware and firmware. Add to that that legacy banks are struggling with the conundrum - their customers are under using branches but still want them/ these represent huge infrastructure costs and employer/employee problems. My legacy bank has sent me more advisories this month than ever, it is offline for upgrading. I have also had more notices of bank fraud attempts this year than ever previously. So, why don’t we cut everyone some slack and stop the ‘mine is biger than yours’ nonsense and just acknowledge that different companies and managements have their unique styles. It is unacceptable that any one company compromises the system and equally, that new enterprises farm out a key role of their system to a third party which proves unreliable.
London’s former financial probity worked very well and was based on ‘my word is my bond’. It took one Nick Leeson and the advent of so called AI, computer based trading to change that: not for the better, in societal terms. Surely, we ought to have understood by now that the fundamental bedrock of trading and settlement, and the banking institutions which underpin them are vital. Clearing banks and the retail banks have an important function. They have been dinning out on the backs of ‘helpless’ ordinary customers for decades, whilst continuing to make unseemly profits and give equally disgusting rewards to bank executives - eg. the likes of RBS a publicly bailed out bank (which in my view would have been shut down if it were not “too big to fail”. These contemporary startup ventures are all, each in their own way, admirable and we should both be applauding them, and urging them on, not compareing them antagonistically to fail. Make jokes that’s fine, be sarcastic that’s usual, use emoji if you have to. We are a diverse community but please drop, or at least soften the new age intolerance of divergent opinions which is such a feature of this forum (not this topic).
And one last comment, I have used a north American based forum for the last decade to do with a Scandinavian branded car. Contributors are amazingly well informed and have incredible skills. They do tend to criticize the franchised dealers of this respected brand. Just once in a while they get snarky and let fly at each other. Invariably they get shot down (not humiliated) but made to learn that the website is a massive asset to all their contributors, an awesome technical resource and that slagging off individual contributors is NOT acceptable. It is moderated but I have never seen an issue because individual members moderate each other in a friendly, respectful way. The site navigation is a whole lot better than this one and I can only conclude that the age of the netizen is affecting most who are also social media users.: so treating serious topics/contributions as an opportunity for self-promotion or merriment is seen as harmless fun. That might be so, but this forum needs to shake itself up if those of you who post positive comment mean what you say. Please don’t post me off-site to email, I delete them, life is too short and if you are not willing to go ‘public’ with your comment it is not worth bothering about.

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Thanks Nick. Good perspective. These forums are so much more useful when folk talk about features and ideas and acknowledge differences while doing so.


Nick, DM me your postal address and I’ll send you a keyboard with a working RETURN key. :wink::+1:

Please tell me the Scandinavian car is a Koeniggsegg!


totally agree…but be prepared for other users to claim it never happens :wink:


Interesting reply to a post containing these snippets, Johnny.


He said this:

So I made a joke. A little sarcastic, perhaps?

And used emoji.

I trust that @nickbw received it In the humourous way I intended.

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Jeez, you’ve seen Johnny joke on Starling forums too to diffuse tension on Fitbit Pay. He’s direct but you know it’s in good humour. I think these outages mean everyone’s very ready to snap on here :woman_facepalming:t2:


Thank you, @evangelskies, one person understood me :slightly_smiling_face:

Likewise, if anyone types AN ENTIRE POST IN CAPITAL LETTERS, I’ll be the first one to offer WD40 for the CAPS-LOCK key :wink: