RESOLVED: Monzo Services Degraded/Outage - Card Payments may fail (16/01/18)


How serious is this guys? Is Monzo’s in-house processor responsible for this or something minor?
I am saying this because both Prepaid and CA are experiencing this.

Please share the details whenever you can.

(James Wheatley) #2

I’ve been completely kicked out the App and can no longer login so must be a bad issue.

(Brandon Billingham) #3

It is quite interesting that it impacts both systems as there have been times in the past where Starling have claimed they’ve haven’t been impacted by issues at the third party processor and Monzo have. Makes you wonder if it’s sometimes something on the integration end of the two systems, especially now the third party is out of the picture for the current account.


Starling/Revolut have not reported any issues I think, so it looks like Monzo only issue at the mo.

Hope it gets resolved quickly and it’s not something big.


Looks some issues with Monzo only…
Just used my Starling card - no problems…

(James Wheatley) #6

I would say it is probably an infrastructure issue for :monzo: I can generate the email to login to the App but the App itself cannot process the request.

(Dan) #7

I have just used my card and it worked fine, however the app… no Notification, no feed update, no account balance update… all seems to be down :frowning:


It’s been over an hour now. It must be quite bad.

(Mark) #9

Pots aren’t working either, transferring to or from.

(Freddie Harrison) #10

Ouch — I keep most money inside pots and then transfer to may ‘main’ account as needed (to introduce a bit of friction and reduce frivolous spending). Might have to reconsider that strategy!


I guess Monzo staff are busy… But would be good to have a brief statement on this. I am having issues as well :unamused:


I just tried to use my card (Current Account) and it declined (no notification).

The app began updating again which is why I tried my card, thinking the service was operational again, however the app has since stopped working again. Strange.

(Brandon Billingham) #13

App is failing for me entirely now. Crashing and saying can’t update balance. Over an hour now so this is quite concerning.

(Jake Tame) #14

Just seen the in-app notification. Not been a good week with three issues thus far for the current account. I do hope we get see a root cause from @Oliver again :slight_smile:

It would be good to expand on the Resolved status to include some more detail other than its been fixed.


Monzo use to be proactive @oliver actually wrote the post below when an outage happened due to GPS issues but I am little surprised and concerned that no one from Monzo seems to be willing to give anything away today. Rather unusual :hushed:


People have short memories. Not so long ago that Starling was up and down like an up and down thing.

(Hugh Wells) #17

I’m really sorry, that is because all the engineers are working on getting things back up and running :confused: A more detailed explanation will be forthcoming soon


Appreciate this Hugh but a brief statement could come from any responsible Monzo Staff. All the explanation could be given when everything is back up and running.


How they can explain what happend at this stage ?
Firstly they have to find an issue and fix it…
And only then… when it will be fixed give an explanation…