Requesting paper statements

(Stiofan Suilleabhain) #1

Any options for requesting paper statements?

I realise this should be the last thing you would want but I’ve recently applied for a loan at my local credit union and they were being really fussy about copies of paper statements from banks, CC’s etc… They seemed to think showing my statements via apps/online etc wasn’t suitable for thier checks.

It really frustrated me how they thought paper statements are more acceptable. Just wondered how easy it would be to request a paper statement with Monzo official logos etc to satisfy their checks.

(Sam Watkin) #2

Hey @Sully we don’t routinely offer this at the moment, but it’s something we’re very aware of with the current account.

You can also download all your spend data as a CSV or QIF if you use an iOS device :+1:

Bank statements?

In the past I had one company refuse to accept a printed out PDF statement even though I showed them that I was getting it from my internet banking.

In the end I had to get the statement printed out in the head office and signed, stamped and dated by the bank before they would accept it. There was of course a charge for doing so. £20.

That was before the days of Monzo, but perhaps they could consider something similar to support mortgage applications etc?

(Sam) #4

My wife recently tried with monzo but they wouldn’t send stamped (or any!) statements.
She needs statements for her spousal visa extension, pretty important stuff.
I suppose I can’t complain too much as after a little push they emailed a letter stating that she had a prepaid MasterCard and obviously, it’s still a “beta” bank.
I don’t know how useful this letter will be though, UKIV’s legacy attitude towards documents like this make your average bank look like a hipster startup. It’s my fault but I do really regret encouraging her to use monzo.

(Sam Watkin) #5

Hey @sams I totally understand your frustration here, and I’m sorry that we were unable to help in this situation :pensive:

At the moment we recommend people use their top up bank for this kind of document, as Monzo isn’t currently intended to be a primary bank account. But of course, when Monzo is your primary account we’ll be providing them, because we want to do all the regular bank stuff, and then more :hugs:

Monzo Bank Statements (For Mortgages or anything else)
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Monzo Bank Statements (For Mortgages or anything else)
Monzo Bank Statements (For Mortgages or anything else)
(Alex Sherwood) #6

In that case, shouldn’t the Monzo T’s & C’s have ‘Not available’ next to ‘Fee to receive a paper copy statement’ just like the ‘Fee for loading card by credit card’, rather than £0?

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #8

That does imply that at the moment it is available

(Rob de Canha-Knight) #9

Hi Sams I’m in the same situation as you with my OH.

For info in case you haven’t got there yet: Our immigration solicitor advised us she’s seen this before and UKBA won’t accept a letter confirming no statements and it’s better etc as any help. What we had to do was provide stamped copies of all the Barclays statements showing the top ups and the receipts for anything we brought with the Monzo card (which kinda defeated the point in a way) so yeah; don’t assume UKBI will be reasonable and keep all original paperwork.
When it comes to a CA they will only accept stamped/signed in branch copies of statements. Barclays were very helpful at this but Natwest charged us nearly £250 for the pleasure (we had to go back 18 months).
If you get something signed from them then attach screenshots as further evidence that helps but we now keep our finances separate so that I can enjoy the Monzo features (and can’t wait for a CA to see how UKBA handle it now) while the OH sticks with traditional banking/cash :slight_smile: (you can say "family loan payment and use that to withdraw £500 a month then put that on Monzo from another account and they won’t mind. It’s what’s leftover in the account each month that matters the most)

(Patrick) #10

Anyone any updates on how are statements going to work? Debit card :credit_card: of preview is on its way and I would like to know before committing stuff over to it.

More importantly will I be able to get backdated ones when the feature eventually arrives? If I can I’ll have no problem moving everything over to monzo now. Saving for my house now and don’t want this to be a hindrance when time comes

(Simon B) #11

Hey Patrick! Yes, you’ll be able to backdate when this is available :grinning:

I think we had a sneak peek (internally) recently of how the statements will look. We may be able to share that soon!

Monzo Bank Statements (For Mortgages or anything else)
(Patrick) #12

Thanks!! Everytime I love Monzo a little bit more :heart_eyes:


If that isn’t a huge tease, i don’t know what is. Great to hear though.

(Simon B) #14

Just had a look and it was actually back in April that we saw a mockup! So I don’t know if there’s been any progress made but maybe @Sam can give us an update :grinning:


I recently applied for a loan and it was conditionally approved; however they wanted 3 months of statements from my “main” bank account, i.e. the one that my wages go into and that my bills come out of. Fortunately for me, that had been Nationwide in my case up until very recently, so I was able to go into a branch where they printed them for me there and then.

So it occurred to me, if this had been a Monzo account instead of Nationwide - what would I have done? I’m aware I can export a CSV (which is pretty cool) but, easily doctored as they are that’s not likely acceptable as “proof” to any serious lender.

This isn’t the only situation where something like this might arise. In a lot of situations (where I work being one of them) it’s necessary for clientele to have an official bank statement or document containing address/sort code/account number to have their payment details verified and therefore used. This is a huge organisation so I’m happy to elaborate further if Monzo are curious.

Does Monzo have plans to address this?

(MikeF) #16

It’s been mentioned elsewhere that this is in the works but I haven’t seen a timeline.

Edit: and now we’ve been moved there.


I always feel moving posts like this kills the discussion. I know it’s been asked already, but moving it here has killed any chance of me getting any kind of response.

(Rika Raybould) #18

Statements are currently what I’d call “internal quality” at this stage. If you require a statement for reasons such as a loan or mortgage application, please let support know your exact requirements and we will produce one for you. Be aware that this may take some time as there is only one person producing them during the weekdays in the day only. :slightly_smiling_face:

Full, self-serve statements are on the way as part of a revamped export feature. :page_facing_up::soon:

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Monzo Bank Statements (For Mortgages or anything else)
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(Stephen Early) #19

The issue raised above in the thread about UKBA is pertinent. I’ve had UKBA reject printed-out PDF statements from high street banks before because they require either “original” documents or certified copies, and are very very fussy about what constitutes either of those.

So a statement posted to us by (for example) Barclays is ok, because it’s an “original”. The same statement downloaded as a PDF and printed out by us is not, even though it looks identical, and must be “certified” in some way by Barclays (using an official stamp, etc.) before being acceptable.

(Rika Raybould) #20

If you let us know that you require this, we can use our Monzo office stamp and physically mail a stamped statement out to you! :postbox:

(Tom ) #21

You got a response from Monzo staff. What more could you ask for? :raised_hands:

Just keeping things neat and tidy.