Problem with bank statement

Hello, I’m seeking advice regarding the bank statement.

Long story short, me and my partner applied for a mortgage and we were thrilled to actually meet the criteria to obtain one however there’s one problem. We were asked to provide stamped, physical copies of our bank statements.

My partner’s bank is Barclays and he simply printed stamped statement in local branch but I’m having a real trouble to obtain one from Monzo.

I requested it twice via live chat ( about 2 weeks and 1 week ago) and both times I was politely told I can print it myself but after I explained what is it for I was told it’s not a problem and that physical copy will be sent to me and that I should receive it within 2 - 5 working days. I have also sent the email to customer support but nobody ever replied. Despite 3 requests I haven’t received anything to this day. It’s quite upsetting as this is pretty much the last document we need😭

Summing up, I have 2 questions : does Monzo provide stamped, physical copies of bank statement, and if so, how long does it take to get it?

Monzo do provide printed, signed or stamped statements via chat. How long it takes depends on when they respond, how long it takes the specialist team, and post times; all of which may be a bit longer at the moment.

They do provide them,

Is you address on the monzo account correct?

The address is correct, checked like 100 times already.

Which broker requires this statement BTW

Search the help section for contact us and send a message in chat asking why you haven’t received it after ordering 3 times.

It’s for Nationwide


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Received stamped statement yesterday. Big thanks for all replies and big thanks to Monzo staff for their assistance :+1:


Really glad we managed to get it sorted :pray:t3:

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