Mortgage applications

(Joseph Jenvey) #1

Hi all,
I have just joined monzo to help with budgeting etc and am planning on remortgaging in May. Would having monzo effect this in terms of getting statements of where money is going etc? Normally you would need to provide bank statements, do you have an equivalent?


Currently Monzo is just a prepaid card but once the proper current account is launched I assume statements will be available for that

(Joseph Jenvey) #3

Thanks Richard but I realise all that. I am more asking if there is anyway
of getting an equivalent for the purposes of a mortgage application. A
transaction extract of some sort.


The problem is if you download an extract of your accounts from your App or do something fancy with the API it would not be accepted by those processing or granting the mortgage. They would probably either need an original printed and sent by Monzo on headed paper or a printout stamped and signed by an authorized Monzo employee. I had before to get even official internet banking statements from one bank printed out and taken into a branch for countersigning before the mortgage company would accept them :frowning:

(Joseph Jenvey) #5

That’s exactly why I am asking on here. To see if something is possible and
what others have done in simular situations.

(Andy Little) #6

Sadly I think Monzo will have to offer things like paper statements to allow comparability with the legacy banks.