How can i request bank statments for mortgage applications

how can i request bank statments for mortgage applications

You don’t need to request them. Go in to the app, download them, email them on.

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I would like a stamped and signed copy. how can i request that please?

Go to Help, search Contract Us and speak to someone on chat

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It’s literally in the help section when you search mortgage or statement or both…
Surely it’s harder to open an account on a community forum than it is to search one word in the app.


very helpful

Slightly off topic, is there a reason they want a stamped and signed copy?

I’ve always been tempted to stamp and sign myself in those cases… same as I’ve had to do with ‘headed paper’ requests in the past (when I was volunterring for a charity that didn’t have any headed paper, I just invented one and printed it).

Always seemed wierd as they’re not proof of anything.

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Because house solicitors. I’ve yet to come across one that doesn’t want this. Its to verify it’s really your bank and the statement isn’t one you’ve just mocked up in word.


They really need to get with the times this will get harder and harder to do for most


Thanks, hoping to do similar process in a few months, so it’s good to know what’s required

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This will vary reasonably - ours accepted PDF versions from the bank (not Monzo). I think some of it comes down to prejudice against Monzo, some to pernickety solicitors.

Good luck!

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NatWest took the Monzo statements as PDF with no issues.


Barclays also were fine with PDFs (I was largely banking with Barclays at the time as my main account, so maybe this made a difference)