Put joint card account card to the top of the list

Is there anyway to make the joint account “card” appear at the top of the joint account section? I’ve tried pressing the pencil to re-order my pots but I can’t put them below the card.

Seems minor but it’s annoying having to scroll further if I just want to see the joint account balance…

To be clear I’m not asking for the joint account section to appear first. I just want the white card to appear above my joint account cards


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Don’t believe it’s possible here but if you head to labs (profile top left, settings, labs) and turn on app layout, you can move it to the top.

That will bring you to the new app design due soon though.

Not sure how, but could this be made into a thread with a vote button? I had pretty much this exact critique earlier today.

I changed it but it’s a moot point given the new layout will soon be the one everyone sees.

There is at least one case where a user cannot change the position of the Joint account on the pre-Overview layout, regardless of the labs setting or the attempted position-in-account-list edit.

Source: My account. Been like this since November 2020.

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Give the new version of the app a go

Still not working (:android:)

Regardless of labs settings, new-overview-list order-edit, old-view-list-order-edit, the Joint account is always first in the carousel. Different devices, almost 150 different :monzo: app versions tried, 3 or 4 logouts/logins per week (cough, teardowns, cough) - since November 2020 I haven’t been able to get my Personal account to be first in the carousel. Very strange. MrsW’s works fine.

It’s a server-side flag against my account that needs to be reset. But no-one seems to get it - it’s technically above and beyond what ‘day-to-day’ support can do. CoOps have just asked me to submit an ID check and logout then login. What the actual?

But I’ll comply. You never know.

EDIT: I complied. Nothing changed. Awaiting further support.

Sorry, that was meant for OP, I know you’re well aware.

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In Monzo labs there’s a toggle to show joint account first


I have this toggle but it doesn’t appear to work for me. That or it doesn’t behave how I’d expect it to. Joint account remains at the end of the list, but I’d like it up next to my current account (either side really).

EDIT EDIT: CS making this worse the more people get involved. FIVE different CS people have stepped into the thread at various points today and I’m now receiving invitations to raise a complaint :eyes:

I don’t want a complaint to be raised - I want someone at :monzo: to understand what the (minor technical) issue is and have a look. But getting to that level of CS seems impossible, unfortunately.

Maybe I should file one and get a free £25 and then keep complaining for further £25 handouts?

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