Arrangement of "connected accounts"


I upgraded to Monzo Plus and added several bank accounts to my Monzo app. Great feature!

However, after rearranging the position of the “connected accounts”, my actual Monzo account now appears at the bottom of the screen, instead of on top, above the connected accounts. It’s not a giant issue but it’s quite annoying, as I’ve recently moved to Monzo as my main account.

The in-app chat can’t help me. They’ve suggested ticking and unticking the “joint account appears first” option in Monzo Labs, but that doesn’t help.

Has anyone had this issue before? Can anyone help?


Hi. Welcome.

You probably need to do the refresh dance. Delete the app, restart your device, reinstall the app.

Is gaining access easy afterwards?

Yes. Press login, you’ll get the magic link emailed to you then follow the instructions.

Hi, I’ve just done this (wow, very easy). Sadly it didn’t help. My Monzo account is still showing below my connected accounts with no way of changing it…